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[17:52] Kittygloom Cassady is Online
[17:52] You decline TNC August Event from Pia Klaar.
[17:52] Long Range: Baroness Babenco [78m], Lor Fredriksson [80m], Pippy Ballinger [80m]
[17:53] Close Range: Baroness Babenco [34m], Pippy Ballinger [36m], Lor Fredriksson [36m]
[17:53] Chat Range: Baroness Babenco [16m], Pippy Ballinger [17m], Lor Fredriksson [17m]
[17:53] GEOELDER Clary is Online
[17:53] Baroness Babenco: hi macsmom
[17:53] You: Hello
[17:53] Lor Fredriksson: hi
[17:53] Pippy Ballinger: Hi there
[17:53] You: Not sure if we have enough seats
[17:54] Lor Fredriksson: who all is coming?
[17:54] You: not sure --
[17:54] You: but since there is no WOW2 -- maybe a few more than usual
[17:54] You: we shall see
[17:54] Lor Fredriksson: cool
[17:54] Bentley Noel is Online
[17:54] Pippy Ballinger: it's on the twitter lines
[17:54] You: Hello Baroness -- have we met??
[17:54] Baroness Babenco: i don't think so
[17:54] Baroness Babenco: nice to meet you
[17:54] You: well -- hello, nice to meet you
[17:54] Baroness Babenco: where are you?
[17:55] Pippy Ballinger: Nice to meet you too !!!!
[17:55] You: IN So california -- and you??
[17:55] You: and hello Pippy
[17:55] Lor Fredriksson: so do we have a topic in mind for tonight since there is no wow?
[17:55] You: Ryan had some ideas
[17:55] You: if he does't come on -- I have a couple too
[17:55] Chat Range: Edith Halderman [12m]
[17:55] You: but he should be here -- if all works out
[17:56] Pippy Ballinger: Cool
[17:56] Edith Halderman is Online
[17:56] You: Helo Durff
[17:56] Chat Range: Bentley Noel [5m]
[17:56] You: and Bentley
[17:56] Edith Halderman: hey
[17:56] Lor Fredriksson: presentation starting on iste
[17:56] You: thisis Mac's play time
[17:56] Lor Fredriksson: teen grid doesn't do me any good
[17:56] Baroness Babenco: i'm in virginia - shenandoah valley
[17:56] Edith Halderman: where you at?
[17:56] Edith Halderman: up?
[17:56] Pippy Ballinger: Durff is that you ??
[17:56] You: and usually I can play and chat -- LOL, not sure I can type and play
[17:56] You: Yes -- upstairs
[17:56] Bentley Noel: No C nelson
[17:57] You: Hi Edith
[17:57] You: glad you made it
[17:57] Edith Halderman: hey
[17:57] Pippy Ballinger: Hi Edith
[17:57] You: I forgot ISTE meets tonight too
[17:57] Edith Halderman: ever gracerfuyl
[17:57] You: hmmmm
[17:57] Edith Halderman: that's me
[17:57] You: I thought Thursdays --
[17:57] Edith Halderman: hi
[17:57] You: oh well -- usually I am at WOW2
[17:57] Lor Fredriksson: special speaker tonight
[17:57] Pippy Ballinger: hi durff??
[17:58] Tek Zeno is Online
[17:58] Edith Halderman: hey
[17:58] Lor Fredriksson: hi bentley
[17:58] Baroness Babenco: there is a big meeting on thursday nite at iste
[17:58] You: will they publish the transcript??
[17:58] Lor Fredriksson: hi durff
[17:58] You: from tonight
[17:58] You: I will grab our chat from here??
[17:58] Edith Halderman: oksy enough wwith the hellos
[17:58] Lor Fredriksson: I haven't seen the social transcripts from previous weeks
[17:58] Lor Fredriksson: where are they posted?
[17:58] Pippy Ballinger: sorry eduth:)
[17:58] You: Ahhhhh --
[17:58] You: Comfy Bentley??
[17:59] Chat Range: Angelkitty Despres [19m]
[17:59] Bentley Noel: working on it
[17:59] Close Range: Angelkitty Despres [23m]
[17:59] Edith Halderman: pippy, have w2e met?
[17:59] You: I have not been brave enough to sit there yet LOL
[17:59] You: I like this legs out straight pose for some reason
[17:59] Pippy Ballinger: I don't know it depends on whether you have friends in Wales ??
[17:59] Lor Fredriksson: it looks comfy
[17:59] You: Well -- lets see who gets here in the next few moments
[17:59] You: Pippy -- Wales??? HMMMM
[17:59] Edith Halderman: i do pippy
[17:59] You: let me guess --
[17:59] Pippy Ballinger: Hi Lisa
[18:00] You: male or female??
[18:00] You: in RL??
[18:00] Edith Halderman: and you are?
[18:00] You: lets guess who Pippy is
[18:00] Pippy Ballinger: MR H
[18:00] Edith Halderman: pAllanh?
[18:00] You: Mr. H?? Hmmmm
[18:00] You: I was going to say Mr. F
[18:00] Edith Halderman: Paul?
[18:00] Chat Range: Angelkitty Despres [12m]
[18:00] Pippy Ballinger: :)
[18:00] You: LOL
[18:00] Close Range: Angelkitty Despres [21m]
[18:00] You: I think you are the key author for the WOW2 newlsetter this month??
[18:00] Bentley Noel: hando
[18:00] Long Range: Will Collas [92m]
[18:00] You: am I right??
[18:01] Edith Halderman: jose is bugging on the ETT
[18:01] Pippy Ballinger: Diolch yn fawr i chi Lisa
[18:01] Chat Range: Angelkitty Despres [11m]
[18:01] Edith Halderman: I'm ignoring
[18:01] Bentley Noel: bilingual too
[18:01] Edith Halderman: what
[18:01] Close Range: Angelkitty Despres [21m]
[18:01] You: I don't have the ETT on
[18:01] Edith Halderman: what language is that
[18:01] Chat Range: Angelkitty Despres [20m]
[18:01] You: Are you Terry Freedman??
[18:01] Pippy Ballinger: Welsh of course :)
[18:01] Edith Halderman: i'm gonnan chnage the notifications
[18:01] You: hmmmmm
[18:01] Edith Halderman: there
[18:02] Close Range: Angelkitty Despres [34m]
[18:02] Long Range: Angelkitty Despres [60m]
[18:02] You: let me run over to WOW2 make sure no one is there
[18:02] You: and then we can officially start??
[18:02] Edith Halderman: so is pippy that smart alec grandfather from wales?
[18:02] You: is that okay
[18:02] Lor Fredriksson: where is wow2?
[18:02] Lor Fredriksson: in sl?
[18:02] Edith Halderman: on vacation
[18:02] Pippy Ballinger: now now Edith :)
[18:02] Bentley Noel: on vacation
[18:02] Edith Halderman: now pippy
[18:02] You: No-- At Ed Tech Talk
[18:02] You: making sure no one is in the chat
[18:02] Lor Fredriksson: oh the chat there
[18:02] Edith Halderman: hear those pebbles?
[18:02] Pippy Ballinger: It islate for me you know
[18:03] Lor Fredriksson: I never can get the chat to work
[18:03] You: Are you Terry?? I think you are
[18:03] Lor Fredriksson: says I don't have java
[18:03] Pippy Ballinger: see those ripples
[18:03] You: LOLOL
[18:03] Edith Halderman: bling
[18:03] Long Range: Etdoc Sungsoo [92m]
[18:03] Pippy Ballinger: No not terry sorry
[18:03] Close Range: Etdoc Sungsoo [25m]
[18:03] You: Okay
[18:03] Chat Range: Etdoc Sungsoo [18m]
[18:03] You: hmmmmm
[18:03] You: wales --
[18:03] Bentley Noel: and not Jason?
[18:03] You: Jason is New Zealand isn't he??
[18:03] You: OKAY
[18:03] Edith Halderman: no terry is peeved at me
[18:03] GEOELDER Clary is Offline
[18:04] You: well lets start -- if you don't mind
[18:04] You: TONIGHT'S TOPIC
[18:04] Edith Halderman: jason is sydney australia
[18:04] You: and NO ARGUING -- LOL -- Be Nice
[18:04] Edith Halderman: or sth
[18:04] Pippy Ballinger: Terry is peeved with a few people at the moment - it's his age !!!!
[18:04] Edith Halderman: yes mom
[18:04] You: Watch fingers so you don't interrupt someone typing LOL
[18:04] You: okay -- TONIGHT'S TOPIC
[18:04] Edith Halderman: yes mom
[18:04] You: LOL
[18:04] Etdoc Sungsoo: is?
[18:04] Edith Halderman: is?
[18:05] Baroness Babenco: is it okay if i stay or is this a closed meeting?
[18:05] Pippy Ballinger: is?
[18:05] You: I am building supense
[18:05] Etdoc Sungsoo: open
[18:05] You: OKAY
[18:05] You: here we go
[18:05] Edith Halderman: drum rolol please
[18:05] Etdoc Sungsoo: drum drooooool
[18:05] Edith Halderman: tada
[18:05] You: If you had one tool to convince your ADMIN to use (as an example) for the staff
[18:05] Pippy Ballinger: and the winner is?
[18:05] You: what would it be -- and WHY???
[18:05] Edith Halderman: moodle
[18:05] You: your ADMIN
[18:05] You: not the teachers
[18:05] You: and WHY
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[18:05] Chat Range: Existential Paine [15m]
[18:05] Existential Paine is Online
[18:05] Edith Halderman: because every staff can assign hw
[18:05] Bentley Noel: RSS
[18:05] Kristy Flanagan is Online
[18:05] Etdoc Sungsoo: what about me?
[18:06] You: Okay -- lets let Edith go --
[18:06] Edith Halderman: and every kid fcan subscribe using RSAS
[18:06] You: and then Bentley
[18:06] Edith Halderman: no
[18:06] Baroness Babenco: skype ... because the kids love it and it brings the world to them
[18:06] Edith Halderman: not I
[18:06] Long Range: Sabio Sabre [76m]
[18:06] Close Range: Sabio Sabre [38m]
[18:06] You: or just everyone talk -- this is just fun chat
[18:06] Long Range: Sabio Sabre [41m]
[18:06] Edith Halderman: never talk 'em into it here
[18:06] Close Range: Sabio Sabre [26m]
[18:06] You: plus -- I am trying to figure out what to teach ADMIN
[18:06] You: don't you think MOODLE might be a bit advanced
[18:06] Bentley Noel: love skype too
[18:07] Edith Halderman: moodle jen
[18:07] You: for a first tool
[18:07] Edith Halderman: or wikispaces
[18:07] Bentley Noel: moodle o
[18:07] Bentley Noel: no
[18:07] Pippy Ballinger: Admin need to set up their own blog ??
[18:07] Etdoc Sungsoo: what application has blogs, wikis, rss, podcasting?
[18:07] You: go ahead -- I would love to know more
[18:07] Edith Halderman: though admin may want more of a walled garden
[18:07] You: Moodle to me seems difficult
[18:07] Bentley Noel: me too
[18:07] Edith Halderman: to me to
[18:07] You: so why Moodle??
[18:07] You: Hi Ryan
[18:07] Bentley Noel: walled garden
[18:08] You: okay -- safety
[18:08] Existential Paine: 'ello
[18:08] Edith Halderman: i think i a having the most success with blogs so far
[18:08] You: does safety outweight difficulty
[18:08] Edith Halderman: hi ex
[18:08] Edith Halderman: in admin eyes yes
[18:08] Long Range: Kristy Flanagan [74m]
[18:08] Close Range: Kristy Flanagan [39m]
[18:08] Pippy Ballinger: definitely
[18:08] Knowclue Kidd is Online
[18:08] Chat Range: Kristy Flanagan [12m]
[18:08] Edith Halderman: they are looking to not get sued
[18:08] Bentley Noel: skype could be a big winner too
[18:08] Edith Halderman: hi keisty
[18:08] Lor Fredriksson: what about blogmeister?
[18:08] You: Hey Kristy
[18:08] Pippy Ballinger: They don't like skype either really!!!
[18:08] Edith Halderman: yes i'm trying
[18:08] Kristy Flanagan: Hi everyone!
[18:09] You: I really thought you all woudl say BLOGS
[18:09] Edith Halderman: they don't admin only see the problems
[18:09] You: so -- I am enjoying the options
[18:09] Edith Halderman: not the potwentials
[18:09] You: But with a moodle -- ther eis so much more involved
[18:09] You: isn't there
[18:09] You: doesn't the IT department have to be on board
[18:09] Long Range: Knowclue Kidd [95m]
[18:09] Edith Halderman: to download is all
[18:10] Pippy Ballinger: It has to be whole school doesn't it admin included
[18:10] You: really???
[18:10] You: Yes, Pippy
[18:10] Baroness Babenco: we have trouble with skype because we don't have broadband in our county or enough bandwidth on some of our servers yet
[18:10] You: I am just looking for a tool that our ADMIN could get behind and demonstrate
[18:10] You: that THEY use the tool too
[18:10] Etdoc Sungsoo: i think i'd use Skye with the administrator and connect her/him to other adminstrators
[18:10] Etdoc Sungsoo: skype
[18:10] You: that is a great idea
[18:10] Bentley Noel: blogs
[18:10] Bentley Noel: there are many admin blogging
[18:10] Existential Paine: Why not start with Google Docs and Spreadsheets Mac
[18:10] Bentley Noel: great exam[les ut there
[18:10] Etdoc Sungsoo: then I'd connect her/him with educators who are using the other tools
[18:11] Pippy Ballinger: That's a prob bandwidth - Jojah can't be here tonight because she has bandwidth issues
[18:11] You: Grins -- I love Google Docs -- but my admin said no -- for now
[18:11] Blizzard Oates is Online
[18:11] Existential Paine: May I ask why?
[18:11] You: ahhh that is sad
[18:11] Edith Halderman: blizzard oates is online
[18:11] You: Because we have Microsoft Office
[18:11] You: and we share documents on our server already
[18:11] Baroness Babenco: we connected the principal to a classroom using skype for a conferencing demo ... it could be used inside the school in that way, too
[18:11] Edith Halderman: i hate office
[18:11] Long Range: Angelkitty Despres [93m]
[18:11] You: I like the skype idea
[18:11] You: waht about podcasts??
[18:11] Edith Halderman: i had to use it for my class
[18:12] Pippy Ballinger: My Headteacher still doesn't really get skype and what we do with it !
[18:12] Edith Halderman: they work well for primary
[18:12] Long Range: Floria Beaumont [40m]
[18:12] Close Range: Angelkitty Despres [27m]
[18:12] Chat Range: Angelkitty Despres [16m]
[18:12] Close Range: Floria Beaumont [38m]
[18:12] Bentley Noel: Skype can bring in experts
[18:12] Knowclue Kidd is Offline
[18:12] Close Range: Angelkitty Despres [23m]
[18:12] Bentley Noel: or absent folks
[18:12] Edith Halderman: it can
[18:12] You: Skype really has options
[18:12] Baroness Babenco: yes, experts
[18:12] Edith Halderman: and connect kids
[18:12] Bentley Noel: start small tho
[18:12] Bentley Noel: then expand
[18:12] Etdoc Sungsoo: does Yahoo messenger use any less bandwidth?
[18:12] Chat Range: Angelkitty Despres [19m]
[18:12] You: how many can skype at one time??
[18:13] Bentley Noel: grab with wowo factor
[18:13] Close Range: Angelkitty Despres [35m]
[18:13] Bentley Noel: f2f one
[18:13] Pippy Ballinger: Connect kids to teachers with skype as well if you have time zone probs
[18:13] Long Range: Angelkitty Despres [50m]
[18:13] Etdoc Sungsoo: right, with video 1
[18:13] You: NOW THAT is an idea --
[18:13] Edith Halderman: i think Jen only one at a time
[18:13] You: bringing in those who can't be there/
[18:13] Bentley Noel: chat though many
[18:13] Edith Halderman: one conference
[18:13] You: that could be an easy sell
[18:13] Etdoc Sungsoo: but without video - several
[18:13] Edith Halderman: is that what you mean?
[18:13] Baroness Babenco: i don't think there is a limit to how may can connect in skype
[18:13] Pippy Ballinger: In coference no video
[18:13] You: that they could see the tool -- without it being threatening
[18:13] Etdoc Sungsoo: didn't wow2.0 have 8 or 9
[18:13] Long Range: Floria Beaumont [57m]
[18:13] You: or evasive
[18:13] Edith Halderman: in a conference i think it's 8
[18:14] Edith Halderman: max
[18:14] Chat Range: Blizzard Oates [2m]
[18:14] Pippy Ballinger: Edith they shoud try Flashmeeting :)
[18:14] Etdoc Sungsoo: hey Cheryl
[18:14] You: I think we can hit 8
[18:14] You: lets ask Cheryl
[18:14] Etdoc Sungsoo: let's ask Cheryl
[18:14] Edith Halderman: have you seen this flashmeetiong?
[18:14] You: What is FlashMeeting??
[18:14] Etdoc Sungsoo: yea, she knows
[18:14] Edith Halderman: paul tell them
[18:14] You: Pippy is Paul Harrington??
[18:14] Blizzard Oates: I am standing in the chair right?
[18:14] Etdoc Sungsoo: right
[18:14] You: yes --
[18:14] Edith Halderman: where's pippy?
[18:14] Etdoc Sungsoo: :-)
[18:14] You: HELLO PAUL
[18:14] Pippy Ballinger: It is a free videoconferencing site based in Open Uni in UK
[18:14] Close Range: Angelkitty Despres [32m]
[18:14] Pippy Ballinger: hello macsmom
[18:14] You: it is just open to UK
[18:15] Long Range: Cootah Gausman [94m]
[18:15] Chat Range: Angelkitty Despres [13m]
[18:15] Long Range: Angelkitty Despres [41m]
[18:15] Close Range: Cootah Gausman [33m]
[18:15] Bentley Noel: alrught
[18:15] Chat Range: Cootah Gausman [20m]
[18:15] Pippy Ballinger: no worldwide - we used it for US NZ UK link last week wasn't it Edith ??
[18:15] You: Okay -- excellent
[18:15] Edith Halderman: yes
[18:15] You: do you have a link??
[18:15] Tooka Mulligan is Online
[18:15] You: is it open source??
[18:15] Close Range: TinaM Lane [26m], Cootah Gausman [31m]
[18:15] Long Range: Cootah Gausman [49m]
[18:15] Edith Halderman: paul does
[18:15] Pippy Ballinger: It i like Ellunminate only free - no donload needed
[18:15] Edith Halderman: yes
[18:15] You: Cheryl -- there is room by me
[18:16] Pippy Ballinger: will post url
[18:16] Edith Halderman: hi cheryl
[18:16] You: excellent -- drop it in when you can
[18:16] You: what can you do with Flash Meeting??
[18:16] Blizzard Oates: Hi ho, just working on my sea legs
[18:16] Edith Halderman: you could bring a few classes online
[18:16] Edith Halderman: together
[18:16] Pippy Ballinger: http://flashmeeting.open.ac.uk/
[18:16] Edith Halderman: to interact simultaneously
[18:17] Bentley Noel: thanks Pippy
[18:17] Long Range: Angelkitty Despres [73m]
[18:17] Edith Halderman: like julie and vicki did with elluminate
[18:17] You: is it video and audio??
[18:17] Chat Range: Angelkitty Despres [11m]
[18:17] Chat Range: Tooka Mulligan [8m]
[18:17] Edith Halderman: yes
[18:17] Close Range: Angelkitty Despres [22m]
[18:17] You: and it is open source
[18:17] Edith Halderman: some of us didn't find ourt camneras
[18:17] Edith Halderman: but yes
[18:17] Bentley Noel: should we link out and try it now?
[18:17] Edith Halderman: yes
[18:17] Edith Halderman: totally jen
[18:17] Pippy Ballinger: Video and audio + there is a whiteboard only one eprson can speak at a time
[18:17] You: if you wish
[18:17] Tooka Mulligan: Hiya folks
[18:18] You: I am not sure my computer can handle it
[18:18] Edith Halderman: hiu toola
[18:18] You: HELLO TOOKA
[18:18] Edith Halderman: you don't have to use video
[18:18] You: so how does it work??
[18:18] Edith Halderman: did you go to FOE conf?
[18:18] You: FOE???
[18:18] Edith Halderman: with georhe?
[18:18] Pippy Ballinger: go to site and look at public replays to see pre -recorded meetings -
[18:19] Etdoc Sungsoo: Future of education - online conference
[18:19] You: ahhh I can't go to the INTERNET and be on SL -- my computer can't handle it
[18:19] Edith Halderman: Flashmeeting worls like that
[18:19] You: Remind me of that later Cheri -- we can talk about BLC
[18:19] Edith Halderman: like elluminate
[18:19] Tooka Mulligan: Technically you are on the Internet. :)
[18:19] Edith Halderman: true
[18:19] You: Grins -- I mean open a browser, I guess
[18:20] Edith Halderman: but to jen-she is home
[18:20] Chat Range: TinaM Lane [17m]
[18:20] Edith Halderman: home is where the heart is
[18:20] Bentley Noel: i wish i had not posted my rant today
[18:20] Edith Halderman: why?
[18:20] Kristy Flanagan: I read it.
[18:20] Bentley Noel: blasted by Christian Long in a way
[18:20] Edith Halderman: i rant all over the place
[18:20] Bentley Noel: now feels like knee jerk
[18:20] Edith Halderman: i'm errible
[18:21] Pippy Ballinger: Pebbles in ponds :)
[18:21] You: Did He Responde??
[18:21] Edith Halderman: an my typing is worse
[18:21] Bentley Noel: ALAN, no
[18:21] Bentley Noel: Christian, yes
[18:21] Edith Halderman: thank you paul
[18:21] Pippy Ballinger: :)
[18:21] Close Range: TinaM Lane [27m]
[18:21] Edith Halderman: small group tonight
[18:21] You: Would you pay to attend a conference virtually??
[18:21] You: Good group tonight
[18:22] Bentley Noel: if its reasonable
[18:22] Edith Halderman: it depends on how much
[18:22] Lor Fredriksson: If you got more video included
[18:22] Bentley Noel: 700+ is not reasonable not is half that
[18:22] Edith Halderman: but yes
[18:22] You: SO _- what would you expect if you attended virtually
[18:22] Edith Halderman: to learn
[18:22] You: I mean -- i can skype in for free
[18:22] Lor Fredriksson: not just hitchhiking with skyp chat
[18:22] Bentley Noel: i don't know
[18:22] You: I can read blogs for free
[18:22] Bentley Noel: there has to be levels of virtual att i think
[18:22] You: what would virtually attending mean to you
[18:22] Lor Fredriksson: would need to give you more if you paid
[18:22] Chat Range: Heloise Chevalier [0m]
[18:22] Heloise Chevalier is Online
[18:23] Bentley Noel: hearing, seeing, chatting imult
[18:23] Pippy Ballinger: It would be good to have virtual links as we in UK rarely get to big conferecnes
[18:23] Kristy Flanagan: There would have to be video.
[18:23] Edith Halderman: good qt
[18:23] Bentley Noel: simulatenously
[18:23] Blizzard Oates: We have 20+ people webcasting for free at worldbridges, and they have a lot of work to do.
[18:23] You: so more than ELLUMINATE??
[18:23] Bentley Noel: yes
[18:23] Edith Halderman: yeah esp me
[18:23] You: Hi Sharon
[18:23] Heloise Chevalier: HI all
[18:23] Edith Halderman: maybe payers would attend live
[18:23] You: come on down Sharon
[18:23] Etdoc Sungsoo: who's hanging out above us
[18:23] GEOELDER Clary is Online
[18:23] You: Hmmm --
[18:24] Edith Halderman: and non-payers could attend podcasts
[18:24] Etdoc Sungsoo: she's stuck
[18:24] You: I think it would be a headache for the conference
[18:24] You: ARE we ready for it??
[18:24] Bentley Noel: i really wished i could hear and see while we skypechatted
[18:24] Pippy Ballinger: It would be good to have live relays perhaps with skype or gizmo??
[18:24] You: beyond K12?? I mean at a real conference??
[18:24] Chat Range: TinaM Lane [20m]
[18:24] Edith Halderman: well, one edoes have to pay the keynotes
[18:24] You: they have had trouble just getting up podcasts
[18:24] Bentley Noel: i know
[18:24] Close Range: Heloise Chevalier [31m]
[18:24] Edith Halderman: NECC sure has
[18:25] Pippy Ballinger: A bit like the virtual speed dating
[18:25] You: what about other conferences?
[18:25] You: FETC -- have they tried it??
[18:25] Bentley Noel: not to my knoeldege
[18:25] Chat Range: Heloise Chevalier [7m]
[18:25] Edith Halderman: what is FETC?
[18:25] Bentley Noel: went last year
[18:25] You: I think it is a lot more than they think
[18:25] Bentley Noel: no skyping going on
[18:25] Close Range: Ken Umarov [32m]
[18:25] Close Range: TinaM Lane [21m]
[18:25] Edith Halderman: is it blocked?
[18:25] Bentley Noel: come to think of it i didn't hear skype mentioned a single time
[18:25] Chat Range: TinaM Lane [19m]
[18:26] Edith Halderman: not at all?
[18:26] Bentley Noel: no not at fetc
[18:26] Edith Halderman: now that is sad
[18:26] Chat Range: Ken Umarov [18m]
[18:26] Edith Halderman: so what is fetc?
[18:26] Lor Fredriksson: At IL-TCE in IL last year we put up some podcasts after wards
[18:26] You: Still -- what would you expect then?? Would you expect the entire conference to be at your beck and call??
[18:26] Lor Fredriksson: and some people just live blogged
[18:26] Close Range: Ken Umarov [23m]
[18:26] Heloise Chevalier: having trouble getting to you - could you teleport me over?? please??
[18:26] Close Range: TinaM Lane [21m]
[18:26] Bentley Noel: florida educational tech conc
[18:26] You: would you want to be able to pick your classes??
[18:26] Chat Range: Ken Umarov [20m]
[18:26] Pippy Ballinger: I listened in to D Warlick giving a confeence presentation in New Zealand earlier in the year thanks to AK putting her latop in front of him - skype on!
[18:26] Edith Halderman: i don't like live blogging
[18:26] Edith Halderman: i can;t follow
[18:27] Bentley Noel: im not good at live blogging either
[18:27] Edith Halderman: i prefer podcasts
[18:27] Chat Range: TinaM Lane [19m]
[18:27] Close Range: TinaM Lane [21m]
[18:27] You: Remember you can click on HISTORY to make your window larger??
[18:27] Chat Range: TinaM Lane [19m]
[18:27] Blizzard Oates: live blogging makes me pay attention
[18:27] Long Range: Dapi Streeter [75m]
[18:27] Baroness Babenco: blogging is problematic for kids, too
[18:27] Bentley Noel: but i really think i could do the skypechatting during a session
[18:27] Close Range: Dapi Streeter [32m]
[18:27] Bentley Noel: 'i toally blew it off at NECC
[18:27] Bentley Noel: big mistake
[18:27] Existential Paine: Hi Ken
[18:27] You: It was good fun Bentley --
[18:27] Ken Umarov: hi ex
[18:27] You: I was able to skype into BLC
[18:27] You: for free by the way
[18:27] You: thanks to SHARON
[18:27] Edith Halderman: cool
[18:28] Bentley Noel: i was totally into it at BLC, right form my own living room in SC
[18:28] Ken Umarov: hows phd work
[18:28] Heloise Chevalier: hey, loved BLC, skype chatcasting really made it
[18:28] You: I just think that they are going to have headaches trying to cover the needs to providing
[18:28] Bentley Noel: BLC was awesome
[18:28] You: something that is already being shared freely
[18:28] Bentley Noel: i only wish someday i can afford to go live
[18:28] Existential Paine: @Ken confused on a higher level
[18:28] GEOELDER Clary is Offline
[18:28] Bentley Noel: im campaigning for a scholarship
[18:28] Heloise Chevalier: okay Bentley who are you in RL??
[18:29] Bentley Noel: anyone know of grant opportunities for funding?
[18:29] Edith Halderman: they will thtrow up wallsd in the next year or so
[18:29] Ken Umarov: @Ex ha go Ponders!
[18:29] Bentley Noel: Cathy Nelson
[18:29] You: Should we go aound and introduce outselves??
[18:29] Pippy Ballinger: Anybody got the airfare from the UK ???
[18:29] Heloise Chevalier: ahhh
[18:29] Edith Halderman: noone knows me, right?
[18:29] Heloise Chevalier: I would like that - intros please!
[18:29] You: Pippy -- do you use Inspriation and Kidspiration??
[18:29] Kristy Flanagan is Offline
[18:29] Heloise Chevalier: Hi Cheri!
[18:29] You: Hi TinaM
[18:29] You: Okay -- should we do what we did before??
[18:29] Etdoc Sungsoo: so we have 3 of the Wow2.0 gals here tonight
[18:30] Blizzard Oates: Blizzard = Cheryl Oakes
[18:30] You: I will call on you and you INTRO yourself
[18:30] Pippy Ballinger: No have looked at it but not used it - great for mindmapping and bulding projects though
[18:30] Edith Halderman: there's no quix after, is there?
[18:30] Heloise Chevalier: which one is Cheryl??
[18:30] You: and there she goes -- GOOD JOB
[18:30] TinaM Lane: Hi everyone!
[18:30] Existential Paine: Existential = Ryan Bretag
[18:30] You: Cheryl is BLIZZARD
[18:30] Heloise Chevalier: Hi Ryan
[18:30] You: MacsMOM -- Me -- Jennifer Wagner
[18:30] Heloise Chevalier: nice to meet you
[18:30] Etdoc Sungsoo: Etdoc = Cheri toledo
[18:30] Blizzard Oates: Blizzard =Cheryl Oakes, Hi Heloise
[18:30] Ken Umarov: Ken U = Ken Pruitt
[18:30] Heloise Chevalier: HI Ken
[18:30] Existential Paine: Hi Heloise
[18:30] You: Hello Ken Pruitt -- nice to meet you
[18:30] Blizzard Oates: Hi Cheri, took me a while to sit down.
[18:30] Pippy Ballinger: Pippy Ballinger = Paul Harrington
[18:30] Ken Umarov: hello all
[18:30] You: who's next
[18:31] Edith Halderman: i'm incognito
[18:31] Heloise Chevalier: Hi Paul , nice to see you here!!
[18:31] Tooka Mulligan: Tooka Mulligan = Brian C. Smith, Rochester, NY
[18:31] Lor Fredriksson: Lor F = Lori Abrahams
[18:31] Long Range: Johnann Waydelich [55m]
[18:31] Pippy Ballinger: np tks:)
[18:31] You: Hey Brian -- you are mobileminded WOO HOO
[18:31] Heloise Chevalier: Edith is Durff - obviously
[18:31] Edith Halderman: yup
[18:31] Tooka Mulligan: Yep that's me
[18:31] Heloise Chevalier: Hi Brian.
[18:31] You: So exciting -- I have commented on your blog
[18:31] You: and we have twittered :)
[18:31] Blizzard Oates: OH, Edith, sweet, you have been busy with WCA
[18:31] Edith Halderman: me?
[18:31] Tooka Mulligan: Yes, thank you!
[18:31] You: how about Tina or Tooka
[18:31] Heloise Chevalier: am in Windsor ON tonight (across from Detroit) - mostly in Montreal
[18:31] Ken Umarov is Online
[18:31] Edith Halderman: i got telephony envy
[18:32] TinaM Lane: TinaM=Tina Steele or Ms Tina
[18:32] You: Okay
[18:32] Edith Halderman: had to record a call like everyone else
[18:32] You: hello Tina
[18:32] Heloise Chevalier: Hi Tina
[18:32] You: anyone else???
[18:32] Bentley Noel: hi Tina
[18:32] You: this is a great group
[18:32] TinaM Lane: Hi Bentley!
[18:32] Heloise Chevalier: how many here are also interns at webcast academy??
[18:32] You: for a casual chat
[18:32] You: <

[18:32] Edith Halderman: me!
[18:32] Edith Halderman: the eternal student
[18:33] Blizzard Oates: Oh good questions Heloise. how many WCA interns, I am one and co facilitating.
[18:33] Pippy Ballinger: he he he edith
[18:33] Edith Halderman: but it's true paul
[18:33] Heloise Chevalier: long day - transported 10 year old nephew home from Children's Hospital in London ON - 2 hour drive each way
[18:33] Bentley Noel: guess what foks
[18:33] You: what??
[18:33] Edith Halderman: rachel boyd is flying past me
[18:33] Bentley Noel: i am having eye surgery thiur
[18:33] Heloise Chevalier: my nephew had surgery to fuse his spine last week - 75 staples
[18:33] Bentley Noel: corrective
[18:33] Edith Halderman: oh dear
[18:33] You: FOR???
[18:33] Bentley Noel: lose the glasses
[18:33] You: OHHH congratulations
[18:33] Bentley Noel: cant see clso
[18:33] Heloise Chevalier: thre ride went well - no issues
[18:33] Edith Halderman: laser thing
[18:33] Bentley Noel: yes
[18:33] Heloise Chevalier: I have had laser surgery
[18:34] Bentley Noel: am excited
[18:34] Blizzard Oates: your family must be very happy Heloise
[18:34] You: how long have you worn glasses??
[18:34] Bentley Noel: and creeped out
[18:34] Heloise Chevalier: but my eyes regressed after about 5 years
[18:34] Bentley Noel: im having restor/rezoom
[18:34] Bentley Noel: new type
[18:34] You: I have worn glasses for 44 years -- but want to do it too
[18:34] You: please let me know how it goes
[18:34] Bentley Noel: ok
[18:34] Bentley Noel: cost 8K
[18:34] Heloise Chevalier: the family is tired and stressed out - the father has pneumonia and my sister is exhausted
[18:34] You: SOOO -- any other topics we need to TACKLE tonight
[18:34] Bentley Noel: goodness
[18:34] You: or just chat??
[18:34] Edith Halderman: wow
[18:34] Etdoc Sungsoo: last night I was here with Lor and Vegas and we installed Twitter Box
[18:34] Heloise Chevalier: yikes! 8K
[18:34] TinaM Lane: Everyone I know that's had the laser surgery has loved it
[18:34] Etdoc Sungsoo: so i get my twits here during sl tie
[18:34] Blizzard Oates: Oh, Cheri where is twitter box?
[18:35] Etdoc Sungsoo: time
[18:35] Bentley Noel: am doing it whie i have no house payment
[18:35] You: explain TWITTER BOX
[18:35] Etdoc Sungsoo: ok, it's a long story ...
[18:35] Bentley Noel: yes twitterbox
[18:35] You: we need to know
[18:35] Heloise Chevalier: I loved it, would recommend it - but am back with corrective lenses - one of the small percentage who regressed
[18:35] Meg Writer is Online
[18:35] Etdoc Sungsoo: i now have a blackbird on my screen
[18:35] Etdoc Sungsoo: whenever my Twits post I get it here
[18:35] You: what is a blackbird??
[18:35] TinaM Lane: Is that different than twitterific?
[18:35] Etdoc Sungsoo: let me go get the site
[18:35] Edith Halderman: do they tweet?
[18:35] Lor Fredriksson: yes
[18:35] Edith Halderman: like make noise?
[18:35] Lor Fredriksson: you get your twitters here
[18:35] Lor Fredriksson: and I just twittered
[18:36] Lor Fredriksson: the notes flying meant it was successful
[18:36] Etdoc Sungsoo: Hey Lor, you're here, didn't see you
[18:36] Edith Halderman: coolnwaa
[18:36] You: CHERI - are you HOOKED on Twittering
[18:36] Lor Fredriksson: yep
[18:36] Lor Fredriksson: I just twittered
[18:36] Lor Fredriksson: here in SL
[18:36] Ken Umarov: I would like to hear more on Singshot :) was that you Jen?
[18:36] Edith Halderman: Dr.T the twitterqueen
[18:36] Tooka Mulligan: Much to do. so little time... Gotta go folks. Have a good one.
[18:36] Etdoc Sungsoo: http://ordinalmalaprop.com/twitter/how-to-use.html here's the url
[18:36] You: OH NO -- I don't have or know what Slingshot is
[18:36] Lor Fredriksson: night tooka
[18:36] Edith Halderman: already?
[18:36] You: Tooka -- thanks for dopping by
[18:36] TinaM Lane: By Tooka!
[18:36] Etdoc Sungsoo: by tooka
[18:36] Edith Halderman: bye Tooka
[18:36] Blizzard Oates: I twit the old fashioned way, 2 screens
[18:36] You: what is SLINGSHOT??
[18:36] Tooka Mulligan: sorry I can't stay. good nigh.
[18:37] TinaM Lane: yes what is slingshot?
[18:37] Tooka Mulligan: night
[18:37] Etdoc Sungsoo: bye
[18:37] Existential Paine: Good night all
[18:37] Ken Umarov: Record songs and share em' singshot
[18:37] Tooka Mulligan is Offline
[18:37] Ken Umarov: funny site
[18:37] You: oh -- sorry -- SINGSHOT
[18:37] Existential Paine is Offline
[18:37] TinaM Lane: lol!
[18:37] Ken Umarov: good for blog intors
[18:37] Ken Umarov: intros
[18:37] You: we need the url for singshot please
[18:37] Edith Halderman: so how many of us use RSS?
[18:37] You: this chat will be on our wiki
[18:38] You: so you can grab the links later
[18:38] Etdoc Sungsoo: online karaoki?
[18:38] Ken Umarov: just search singshot
[18:38] Ken Umarov: yes
[18:38] Lor Fredriksson: I'm guessing all of us
[18:38] Baroness Babenco: i've enjoyed the company and conversation but i have to go now ... good to meet all of you and hope to see you later!
[18:38] Etdoc Sungsoo: ok
[18:38] You: LOL -- google SINGSHOT everyone
[18:38] Etdoc Sungsoo: bye Baroness
[18:38] You: Thanks for coming Baroness
[18:38] TinaM Lane: good night baroness
[18:38] Heloise Chevalier: good evening,
[18:38] Pippy Ballinger: Bye Baronees - good to meet up again :)
[18:38] Ken Umarov: Great Jackson 5 collection
[18:38] Edith Halderman: if all of use RSS, then why are we annoncing new blog posts on twitter?
[18:38] Ken Umarov: uh oh.
[18:38] Bentley Noel: http://www.singshot.com/index.html
[18:38] You: Because
[18:38] You: it is faster
[18:38] Blizzard Oates: twit is easier than going to bloglines
[18:39] Bentley Noel: i was looking for spport
[18:39] You: we want instant gratification LOL
[18:39] Edith Halderman: faaster than RSS?
[18:39] Etdoc Sungsoo: this could be dangerous lol
[18:39] Lor Fredriksson: quicker to get it out
[18:39] Pippy Ballinger: I have heard that one before tweeting is much quicker ?
[18:39] TinaM Lane: I like seeing them on twitter - I go straight to them.
[18:39] Lor Fredriksson: I use bloglines
[18:39] Etdoc Sungsoo: singshot that is
[18:39] You: OH YES --
[18:39] Bentley Noel: i also think its a courtesy to visit the twitter posts
[18:39] Etdoc Sungsoo: i use both
[18:39] Lor Fredriksson: and would have to go there to see there was a new post
[18:39] Bentley Noel: befoer it hits my readert
[18:39] You: RSS isn't instantaneous is it??
[18:39] Edith Halderman: mine is
[18:39] You: we need to have a TWITTER VERSUS RSS time off
[18:39] Etdoc Sungsoo: i was follwing Twits and their links on my Blackberry this morning
[18:39] Lor Fredriksson: I get twitters on my desktop
[18:39] Etdoc Sungsoo: very quick
[18:39] Edith Halderman: now there are a few on twitter who do not yet have RSS
[18:40] Bentley Noel: durff you got one from john
[18:40] You: Etdoc -- you are addicted LOL
[18:40] TinaM Lane: My twitter is blocked at school
[18:40] Bentley Noel: i laughed
[18:40] Etdoc Sungsoo: i know
[18:40] Edith Halderman: did I?
[18:40] You: Twitter goes WEIRD at my school
[18:40] Bentley Noel: when u asked ablut the links
[18:40] You: it loses all formatting
[18:40] Pippy Ballinger: john's was a cool reply :) Lisa!?
[18:40] Etdoc Sungsoo: we were waiting for breakfast to be served at a restaurant
[18:40] Etdoc Sungsoo: i was bored
[18:40] Bentley Noel: he posted a link that said hi durff
[18:40] Bentley Noel: lol
[18:40] Heloise Chevalier: John ped did that?
[18:40] Heloise Chevalier: that guy is such a hoot
[18:40] Edith Halderman: probably he did
[18:40] Bentley Noel: yes
[18:41] You: though his plan for DJAKES did not work out
[18:41] Long Range: Cootah Gausman [86m]
[18:41] Edith Halderman: i do so much in a day....
[18:41] You: he really wanted us all to go quiet
[18:41] Bentley Noel: i think he is great
[18:41] Heloise Chevalier: we have to figger a way to pull a twitter prank on him
[18:41] Bentley Noel: keeps us real
[18:41] Close Range: Cootah Gausman [33m]
[18:41] Heloise Chevalier: and make it look like dave jakes did it
[18:41] TinaM Lane: that would be a riot!
[18:41] Bentley Noel: yes that would be grat
[18:41] You: now that would be fun
[18:41] Edith Halderman: oh goods idea heloise
[18:41] You: we could make twitter alias
[18:41] Edith Halderman: lets do it
[18:41] You: DJakes 1
[18:41] You: DJakes2
[18:41] Heloise Chevalier: oh oh
[18:41] You: etc
[18:41] Ken Umarov: If no blog posts why anything?
[18:41] TinaM Lane: ho ha!
[18:41] Heloise Chevalier: great idea
[18:41] Etdoc Sungsoo: To go back to the RSS vs Twitter question - I feel like I know my Twits personally
[18:41] Heloise Chevalier: that is so funny = am dying here
[18:41] Etdoc Sungsoo: The RSS feeds are from cyber space
[18:42] Edith Halderman: yeah, me tyoo
[18:42] Pippy Ballinger: I wish we all had the talikng version of SL I HATE TRYPING!!!
[18:42] Etdoc Sungsoo: and I don't feel connected to them
[18:42] You: Pippy -- in TIME
[18:42] Edith Halderman: but if i know they all have RSS
[18:42] Bentley Noel: still fun
[18:42] Chat Range: Cootah Gausman [17m]
[18:42] Edith Halderman: and probably plan their days
[18:42] You: don't feel connected to ???? who Cheri??
[18:42] Pippy Ballinger: I have it already !!!
[18:42] Edith Halderman: to read them
[18:42] Heloise Chevalier: yeah, feel mucho connected to a lot of bloggers after NECC and BLC - twitter is now like keeping up with frined
[18:42] TinaM Lane: I think twitting is more personal too
[18:42] Blizzard Oates: bye all, will try and go back to apt. and off to play with myskitch
[18:42] Edith Halderman: why should i disturb them in the middle
[18:42] You: Night Cheryl
[18:42] Etdoc Sungsoo: I don't feel as connected to the writers of blogs taht come into my Bloglines
[18:42] TinaM Lane: good night blizz!
[18:42] Bentley Noel: night cherl
[18:42] Edith Halderman: to read my new post?
[18:43] Etdoc Sungsoo: I know my Twits personally - have met them
[18:43] You: ahhhh okay -- understand
[18:43] Lor Fredriksson: we could skype and be in SL at the same time
[18:43] Etdoc Sungsoo: bye bentley
[18:43] You: we could LOR
[18:43] You: is Bentley leaving too??
[18:43] Pippy Ballinger: I think I had better go to bed it's 2,45 am !!!!!
[18:43] Bentley Noel: no not yet
[18:43] You: wowo -- the hour FLEW
[18:43] You: just like WOW2
[18:43] Etdoc Sungsoo: I've got 15 minutes
[18:43] Edith Halderman: i collect RS from a group i hve named 'my ciorcle'
[18:43] TinaM Lane: OK. I am still a newbie here - can you tell me about skype?
[18:43] You: TinaM -- sure
[18:43] Edith Halderman: so i read that first
[18:43] Bentley Noel: its a must have Tina
[18:43] You: it is a free download
[18:44] Pippy Ballinger: skype is fab!
[18:44] You: for both Mac and PC
[18:44] Bentley Noel: i have group in my reader called experts
[18:44] You: and allows you to call otehr SKYPE people
[18:44] You: for free
[18:44] TinaM Lane: I have both a mac and PC
[18:44] You: WORLDWIDE
[18:44] Pippy Ballinger: night all :(
[18:44] You: Night Paul
[18:44] Bentley Noel: and one called lms's
[18:44] You: thanks for coming
[18:44] Bentley Noel: durff you are ther
[18:44] Edith Halderman: i called my aunt in Germany for ten mins for $0.29
[18:44] Pippy Ballinger: see ya Lisa :)
[18:44] Edith Halderman: whay where/
[18:44] Bentley Noel: i also have a folder called admininstrators k12
[18:44] Edith Halderman: bye paul
[18:44] Blizzard Oates is Offline
[18:44] You: So Tina -- you lets say you wanted to talk to Paul in Wales
[18:44] You: it would be FREE
[18:44] Bentley Noel: tweet
[18:44] You: for as long as you wished
[18:45] Pippy Ballinger: i heard that :)
[18:45] You: LOL
[18:45] TinaM Lane: Is it strictly voice?
[18:45] Bentley Noel: Tina I use it with my family mostly
[18:45] Edith Halderman: if both are on skype
[18:45] You: if his wife didn't care LOL
[18:45] Edith Halderman: can be video too
[18:45] Bentley Noel: my 72 yo mom uses it
[18:45] You: Or just TYPED chat too
[18:45] Edith Halderman: or his granddaughter
[18:45] You: you have options
[18:45] Bentley Noel: we are not alowed to call we must skype
[18:45] You: and you can do SILLY stuff too
[18:45] You: like play backgammon
[18:45] You: or use a white board
[18:45] You: you have a lot of possibilities
[18:46] Bentley Noel: send files
[18:46] Edith Halderman: isn't there a whiteboarde
[18:46] You: and it is FREE
[18:46] Edith Halderman: in skype?
[18:46] You: between SKYPE members
[18:46] You: Yes, there is
[18:46] Ken Umarov: under options I think
[18:46] You: www.skype.com
[18:46] Edith Halderman: i neeed to find that
[18:46] Bentley Noel: i did not know about the whitebioard part
[18:46] Bentley Noel: explain
[18:46] You: It is great
[18:46] You: you can share a whiteboard
[18:46] You: share ideas
[18:46] Bentley Noel: is it a paid feature
[18:46] Edith Halderman: and tutor
[18:46] You: NOPE
[18:46] You: free
[18:46] Ken Umarov: under tools
[18:46] You: or just color
[18:46] Bentley Noel: ok
[18:47] Bentley Noel: freak my mom out tomoprrow
[18:47] You: TinaM -- I am JenW0424 if you would like to chat in skype
[18:47] Edith Halderman: think of the educational applications
[18:47] Bentley Noel: ill be your guinea ig too cathyjonelson in skype
[18:47] You: and then -- if you want to take it farther
[18:47] TinaM Lane: This sounds incredible. I will have to download this and give it a try.
[18:47] You: You can go to SKYPECASTS
[18:47] You: whilch allows up to 100 people
[18:47] You: but it can be buggy
[18:47] Close Range: Cootah Gausman [21m]
[18:47] TinaM Lane: I am at a hotel for the next 3 days at a conf.
[18:47] Edith Halderman: they don't always work jeb
[18:47] You: TinaM -- try it this weekend
[18:48] TinaM Lane: Not sure of the capabilities of hotel connections.
[18:48] Bentley Noel: its one i want to show my prncipal
[18:48] You: Yes, Edith -- I just typed that :)
[18:48] Edith Halderman: oopa
[18:48] You: LOL
[18:48] Edith Halderman: oops
[18:48] You: LOLOL
[18:48] You: no worries
[18:48] Bentley Noel: oopa is more like you edith
[18:48] You: I like oopa
[18:48] Edith Halderman: true
[18:48] TinaM Lane: I will! this wekend. Thanks for educating me!
[18:48] Bentley Noel: ': )
[18:48] You: it is powerful
[18:48] Chat Range: Cootah Gausman [18m]
[18:48] Edith Halderman: call us all
[18:48] Edith Halderman: do a conference
[18:48] Bentley Noel: be sure to get a webcam if you don't have one already
[18:49] TinaM Lane: You all are so generous!
[18:49] You: Brian Crosby -- a teacher -- used it with his students
[18:49] Edith Halderman: i have one
[18:49] You: when one was at home with cancer
[18:49] TinaM Lane: I just got a new mac - does it have one built in?
[18:49] You: Yes
[18:49] Edith Halderman: but i don't know where the kidws put it
[18:49] Bentley Noel: yes
[18:49] Teacher Spitteler is Online
[18:49] You: Grins -- but I don't use VIDEO
[18:49] You: LOL
[18:49] Bentley Noel: tht little square at the top of the screen
[18:49] TinaM Lane: It freaked me out - I thought so!
[18:49] You: you got a MAC book??
[18:49] TinaM Lane: Yes - just last weekend.
[18:49] Close Range: Cootah Gausman [21m]
[18:49] You: congraulations
[18:50] Bentley Noel: luv my macbook
[18:50] You: try PHOTOBOOTH for a lot of fun
[18:50] Long Range: Cootah Gausman [48m]
[18:50] TinaM Lane: Thanks! It's very fun!
[18:50] TinaM Lane: It's a hoot!
[18:50] Bentley Noel: skype will automatically recognize you have video
[18:50] You: does anyone know when LEOPARD is coming out??
[18:50] Edith Halderman: is photobooth for macs?
[18:50] Bentley Noel: yes
[18:50] Etdoc Sungsoo: ok, all, i'm cooked
[18:50] You: yes Photobooth is MACS
[18:50] Etdoc Sungsoo: see you all again soon
[18:50] You: LOL -- Cheri
[18:50] You: HI's TO NICK
[18:50] Edith Halderman: i like picassa
[18:50] Bentley Noel: surely ther is a windows equivalent
[18:50] Etdoc Sungsoo: thanks i'll tell him
[18:50] Bentley Noel: or opensource
[18:50] TinaM Lane: Good night Etdoc
[18:51] Etdoc Sungsoo: bye
[18:51] Edith Halderman: bye etdoc
[18:51] Etdoc Sungsoo: bye
[18:51] You: I have not yet seen one
[18:51] Bentley Noel: night doc
[18:51] You: that is LIVE
[18:51] Etdoc Sungsoo: nite all
[18:51] You: you can distort within Photoshop
[18:51] Lor Fredriksson: night etdoc
[18:51] Etdoc Sungsoo is Offline
[18:51] You: but not a live camera shot
[18:51] You: that I have found
[18:51] You: we are dwindling
[18:51] TinaM Lane: I heard it might be next Spring before LEOPARD comes out.
[18:51] You: but what a good night
[18:51] Bentley Noel: its almost 10 hear on east coast
[18:51] You: yep --
[18:51] Edith Halderman: what is leopard?
[18:51] You: do you like these weekly chats??
[18:51] TinaM Lane: Operating system for mac.
[18:52] Bentley Noel: newer mac syste
[18:52] Edith Halderman: i do jen
[18:52] You: do we need a TOPIC??
[18:52] TinaM Lane: This is very fun!
[18:52] Edith Halderman: ah new mac
[18:52] Bentley Noel: i don't think so
[18:52] Edith Halderman: maybe a one word kind
[18:52] Hayduke Ebisu is Online
[18:52] Bentley Noel: i have awndow open with the links metnioned
[18:52] Edith Halderman: like blogs
[18:52] Bentley Noel: ill explore later
[18:52] You: we talked about a lot of things tonight
[18:52] Edith Halderman: or explode
[18:52] TinaM Lane: OK. Can I ask another quesstion?
[18:52] Edith Halderman: yes
[18:52] You: I am copying chat to the wiki
[18:52] You: SURE
[18:52] Lor Fredriksson: we always do
[18:53] Edith Halderman: fire away
[18:53] TinaM Lane: Since I just started bloggin at NECC07, what is the best way to get people to visit your blogs?
[18:53] Bentley Noel: comment on others
[18:53] You: grins --
[18:53] Edith Halderman: technorati
[18:53] You: use TAGS
[18:53] Bentley Noel: they will visit you backk
[18:53] Bentley Noel: tag too
[18:53] You: are you part of THE BLOGOGERS CAFE
[18:53] Edith Halderman: hyperlink
[18:53] Lor Fredriksson: ivite them to look at it
[18:53] TinaM Lane: Doing all of the above!
[18:53] Bentley Noel: tweet about it
[18:53] Ken Umarov: twitter :)
[18:53] You: Subscribe to Bloglines and have an RSS feed on your blog
[18:54] TinaM Lane: I am on the right track!
[18:54] Edith Halderman: get a delicious account
[18:54] You: and post something TERRIBLY CONTROVERSIAL
[18:54] Bentley Noel: put the blog in your email sig file
[18:54] Edith Halderman: and a technorati
[18:54] TinaM Lane: I've done both of those things.
[18:54] Bentley Noel: like mine today
[18:54] Edith Halderman: you have RSS
[18:54] TinaM Lane: I haven't done the terribly controversial yet
[18:54] Bentley Noel: i sort of slammed Alan November OOOPS
[18:54] Edith Halderman: ah that works
[18:54] TinaM Lane: Bentley, what's your blog?
[18:54] You: some of the blogs are now linking to your blog within their blogs
[18:54] You: so you get publicity that way
[18:54] Edith Halderman: and link to others
[18:54] You: if you talk about their blog on your blog
[18:54] Bentley Noel: http://technotuesday.edublogs.org
[18:54] Edith Halderman: in your blog roll
[18:55] You: http://www.technospud.com/blog
[18:55] TinaM Lane: I have done that too Macsmom - you've been to mine.
[18:55] Bentley Noel: put links to their blogs--they get pings
[18:55] You: Grins -- YEP
[18:55] TinaM Lane: Wonderful suggestions!
[18:55] Ken Umarov: took me 6 months o get anything, now I'm okay
[18:55] Bentley Noel: i have been to yours too tina
[18:55] Ken Umarov: no hurry
[18:55] You: Put on a --
[18:55] Bentley Noel: im from South Carolina
[18:55] You: hmmm - what is the map called??
[18:55] You: ClustrMap
[18:55] Bentley Noel: clustr
[18:55] You: that is fun
[18:55] Edith Halderman: my authority is for the birds
[18:55] TinaM Lane: I did that too - custer map
[18:55] You: and a SITE counter
[18:55] Edith Halderman: but i don't writ to feed tham
[18:56] TinaM Lane: Well, I think I'm feeling good now - I've followed lots of great advice!
[18:56] Edith Halderman: so tough
[18:56] You: what blog are you using??
[18:56] You: Wordpress??
[18:56] Bentley Noel: i not ready for a counter, tho clustr sort of works like one
[18:56] Lor Fredriksson: so what is your blog link?
[18:56] Edith Halderman: so what is your url?
[18:56] TinaM Lane: I am using wordpress from David Warlick's blog workshop
[18:56] You: YEAH
[18:56] You: OKAY __
[18:56] You: Look on your dashboard
[18:56] Bentley Noel: link
[18:56] You: see who linked to your site
[18:56] Ken Umarov: lots of voice screaming at once in the blogoshpere
[18:56] You: and go comment on their blog
[18:56] TinaM Lane: http://mstina.wordpress.com
[18:56] You: use your dashboard
[18:56] Edith Halderman: AHHH! (Ken)
[18:56] You: in WORDPRESS
[18:56] TinaM Lane: Oh - didn't know I could do that. I do have a friend that has linked to mine
[18:56] You: Powerful tool
[18:57] Bentley Noel: is that you at the top?
[18:57] Ken Umarov: ha
[18:57] Chat Range: Kaguyahime Watanabe [5m]
[18:57] TinaM Lane: Yes and my husband
[18:57] Edith Halderman: url?
[18:57] Bentley Noel: are you in NIng?
[18:57] You: Grins -- you are doing a GOOD job
[18:57] Bentley Noel: you can generate hits to your blog there too
[18:57] You: very casual but well written blog
[18:57] Edith Halderman: can't subscribe if i have no url
[18:57] TinaM Lane: Classroom 20 ning?
[18:57] Bentley Noel: yes
[18:57] Bentley Noel: or teacherlibrarian
[18:57] Bentley Noel: or others
[18:57] You: and don't worry -- it does take time
[18:57] Edith Halderman: now this is the wsort opf person who should be twitting about their blog
[18:58] You: don't expect quick results
[18:58] You: LOL
[18:58] TinaM Lane: http://mstina.wordpresss.com
[18:58] You: unless you go controversial
[18:58] Edith Halderman: yes, it takes time
[18:58] Bentley Noel: im staying low the rest of this week
[18:58] You: I think you blog post was excelelnt
[18:58] Bentley Noel: hoping i haven't upset Alan
[18:58] You: and necessary
[18:58] Edith Halderman: this will be where, Jen?
[18:58] Bentley Noel: thx
[18:58] TinaM Lane: Bentley - I want to read your post! please send me your blog - I'd like to subscribe!
[18:58] Kittygloom Cassady is Offline
[18:58] You: The wiki???
[18:58] Edith Halderman: wiki?
[18:58] You: Night Ken
[18:58] You: thanks for dorpping by
[18:59] You: dropping
[18:59] Bentley Noel: http://technotuesday.edublogs.org
[18:59] TinaM Lane: Good night Ken
[18:59] Ken Umarov: maybe just mine
[18:59] Lor Fredriksson: night
[18:59] You: did we lose Sharon??
[18:59] Heloise Chevalier: how do I get a copy of this chat? am missing a lot while am chatting with dave cormier
[18:59] You: WIKI
[18:59] You: will be there in about 5 minutes