An informal gathering occurred this evening after two bloggers were hanging on the roof of the Cafe discussing assessment and a third joined the discussion and began Twittering. What followed was a group of over ten gathering and discussing assessment, higher education instruction, AUP, and the edubloggerworld gathering possibilities.

[15:55] Lor Fredriksson: so the question for the day to help me is
student formative asssessment tools for elementary math
[15:55] Lor Fredriksson: any ideas??
[15:56] Lor Fredriksson: we have no $$
[15:56] Lor Fredriksson: excel??
[15:56] Lor Fredriksson: a template?
[15:56] Beth Kohnke: We do that in our district we create our own not part of a company called school brains
[15:56] You: any of you going to try to come to the Book Chat tomorrow?
[15:56] Lor Fredriksson: I'm not familiar with the book
[15:56] You: What is School Brains?
[15:56] Beth Kohnke: we do it quartetly - grades K12
[15:57] Lor Fredriksson: yes what is it?
[15:57] Lor Fredriksson: we use NWEA tests and that data
[15:57] Lor Fredriksson: to help with instruction and grouping
[15:57] You: You should read it Lor
[15:57] You: It is really good
[15:58] Beth Kohnke: the company - bought our assessement program and through a grant we created an assesment program and data warehouse for Math, LA and Science linked to our standards
[15:58] Lor Fredriksson: but now the admin wants me to help develop something for the students to chart their progress
[15:58] Lor Fredriksson: no $$ to buy anything
[15:58] Thr33R1ng Binder is Online
[15:58] Lor Fredriksson: I'd like to see the kids blog and reflect on
their progress
[15:58] Beth Kohnke: we had a group that did that

qusestions... graphing... they may be able to tell you had they did it
[15:58] Lor Fredriksson: not sure if that's the answer
[15:59] Lor Fredriksson: but a spreadsheet
[15:59] Lor Fredriksson: might work
[15:59] You: That would give you solid qualitative data
[15:59] You: but are they looking for quantitative as well?
[15:59] Lor Fredriksson: depends on what the teachers want to keep track of
[16:00] Lor Fredriksson: I have to ask those questions tomorrow
[16:00] Beth Kohnke: We started in excell we added MCAS - state
results and scanned results from our quatrerly tests
[16:00] Lor Fredriksson: will try to call or do an online chat tomorrow
[16:00] Thr33R1ng Binder is Offline
[16:00] tansmom Kidd: sorry, crashed again
[16:00] Beth Kohnke: Then we got fancy.... and it took on a life of its own
[16:01] Lor Fredriksson: do you have an example you can email as a pdf?
[16:01] tansmom Kidd: fancy how beth?
[16:01] Beth Kohnke: It started out as 4 elem math teachers
[16:02] Beth Kohnke: then became a distric wide intiative then we
started to work with a company... they sell the product now
[16:02] You: Hi Leesa
[16:02] tansmom Kidd: wow
[16:02] tansmom Kidd: that is fancy!
[16:02] Beth Kohnke: but the original was good. I will give you the
contact info of the original EL math teacher who runs our math labs
[16:02] Beth Kohnke: he can give you the details
[16:02] Lor Fredriksson: well I'm not I can do this without the input
of the math teachers
[16:03] Lor Fredriksson: thanks beth
[16:03] You: Hi Miche
[16:03] Miche Nishi: hello
[16:03] tansmom Kidd: hey miche
[16:03] Lor Fredriksson: hi
[16:03] Miche Nishi: what going on?
[16:03] Close Range: Sheila Yoshikawa [36m]
[16:03] tansmom Kidd: don't like that spot either?
[16:04] Leesa Biedermann: hi this a private conversation?
[16:04] Beth Kohnke: Hi mich
[16:04] Long Range: Sheila Yoshikawa [42m]
[16:04] tansmom Kidd: not al all leesa,
[16:04] You: Come join us Leesa
[16:04] tansmom Kidd: come on down!
[16:04] Leesa Biedermann: i'll try
[16:04] Miche Nishi: so what you guys talking about?
[16:05] You: very nice
[16:05] Lor Fredriksson: I have been picking brains
[16:05] Miche Nishi: picking brains about what/
[16:05] tansmom Kidd: cool hair!
[16:05] Lor Fredriksson: I was just emailed a problem to come up with a solution for my admin
[16:05] Beth Kohnke: Seems my avatar has a life of its own... does
not want to sit
[16:05] Miche Nishi: I would love some help as well.
[16:05] Lor Fredriksson: creating a tool for students and teachers to use for formative assessment for math for 5-6 grade
[16:06] tansmom Kidd: what do you need help with Miche?
[16:06] Miche Nishi: I am teaching Technology as an Instructional
Tool to people in an MAT program who will work at chicago public
[16:06] Beth Kohnke: it is said female like to talk...
[16:07] Miche Nishi: the computers we will use are pc...just office
xp ad internet...
[16:07] You: That is great Miche -- how is it going?
[16:07] Miche Nishi: any suggestions?
[16:07] Miche Nishi: I am teaching it next week...Super stressed about it!
[16:07] Lor Fredriksson: lots of web tools
[16:07] tansmom Kidd: MAT?
[16:07] Lor Fredriksson: hprtec
[16:07] Miche Nishi: I have a day I will just be focusing on Web 2.0...
[16:07] Miche Nishi: Master of Arts in Teaching
[16:07] Lor Fredriksson: picnik
[16:07] Miche Nishi: prob is there will be a filter?
[16:08] tansmom Kidd: ok
[16:08] Miche Nishi: we can't save anything to the comp because it is erased nightly...
[16:08] You: Leesa -- I don't believe we have met so I thought I
might introduce myself
[16:08] You: has everyone else met Leesa?
[16:08] Lor Fredriksson: hprtec and tech4learning rubrics and other snacks
[16:08] Lor Fredriksson: shouldn't be filtered
[16:08] You: Hi Edith
[16:08] Leesa Biedermann: Hi Exist
[16:08] tansmom Kidd: ru going to set up a blog for them?
[16:09] Leesa Biedermann: Hi Edith
[16:09] Lor Fredriksson: try ning
[16:09] Lor Fredriksson: see if that will work
[16:09] Edith Halderman: how do i get the group notices not to open when i log in?
[16:10] Edith Halderman: hi leesa
[16:10] Leesa Biedermann: Miche...I suggest assuming all will be blocked...
[16:10] You: They should just pop up Edith
[16:10] Leesa Biedermann: set up a slide show to run offline
[16:10] Leesa Biedermann: and link to online
[16:10] Miche Nishi: hmmm...
[16:10] Edith Halderman: they are annoying
[16:10] Miche Nishi: i wasn't planning on setting up a blog, but i guess i coul
[16:10] Leesa Biedermann: this way if everything is blocked
[16:10] Miche Nishi: ahh good idea
[16:10] You: turn it into a lesson Miche
[16:10] Leesa Biedermann: you still have screen shots to show
[16:10] Lor Fredriksson: or a wiki
[16:10] Lor Fredriksson: wikispaces or pbwiki
[16:10] tansmom Kidd: I would be sure to give them good sources to connect- can't just expect to soak it all up in a day
[16:10] Beth Kohnke: Or a wiki to link the items you want them to look at
[16:10] You: I think they'll find it valuable as it is the battle
they will fight
[16:11] Edith Halderman: was that better?
[16:11] Miche Nishi: ahh i see...
[16:11] tansmom Kidd: hey kristy!
[16:11] Lor Fredriksson: hi kristu
[16:11] Kristy Flanagan: Hi All!
[16:11] Lor Fredriksson: thanks for the email
[16:11] You: It is great to meet you Leesa
[16:11] Miche Nishi: I have to give projects too..
[16:11] Lor Fredriksson: I will check out your ideas
[16:11] Edith Halderman: thanks for the twitter
[16:11] Miche Nishi: class meets M-F for 3 hours a day...
[16:11] You: Hey Kristy
[16:11] Kristy Flanagan: Hi Ex!
[16:11] Miche Nishi: total of 15 hour...can't really give "homework"
[16:11] Edith Halderman: anyone an wise person on webquests?
[16:12] Miche Nishi: how so?
[16:12] Lor Fredriksson: there are lots of webquests to look at
[16:12] tansmom Kidd: I think lor is right- give them lots of links
to go to and soak up after your day together
[16:12] Lor Fredriksson: and they could create one
[16:12] Edith Halderman: i'm looking for a guest
[16:12] Miche Nishi: I created a account for the class
[16:12] Edith Halderman: on thae next webcast
[16:12] tansmom Kidd: a guest for what edith?
[16:12] Lor Fredriksson: but is it blocked?
[16:12] Leesa Biedermann: in my school, delicious is blocked
[16:12] Edith Halderman: It's Elementary
[16:13] Edith Halderman: edtechtalk
[16:13] tansmom Kidd: yikes, too scary for me:)
[16:13] You: what about Digg?
[16:13] You: Is that blocked too?
[16:13] Edith Halderman: Monday July 23
[16:13] Beth Kohnke: Can you get things temporarily unblocked
[16:13] Lor Fredriksson: I've done webquests
[16:13] Edith Halderman: 23:00GMT
[16:13] You: You know what Miche, use
[16:13] Lor Fredriksson: but not for awhile
[16:13] Miche Nishi: its blocked? del.icio...u got to be kidding me
[16:13] tansmom Kidd: I have created a few
[16:13] Beth Kohnke: we do that all the time at teacher request
[16:13] Leesa Biedermann: I created a webquest and have used them but am no expert
[16:13] tansmom Kidd: but don't think I am an expert
[16:13] Edith Halderman: want to show up as a guest ?
[16:13] Beth Kohnke: most times they are not blocked again
[16:13] You: and use it as a lesson about how students will get
around the filters and we need to start teaching not censoring
[16:13] Miche Nishi: yeah they said hs students go around the filter
so i could if i know how
[16:14] Miche Nishi: i cannot get them unblocked...
[16:14] Miche Nishi: at what time edith?
[16:14] Lor Fredriksson: oh so that's wht the kids use!!!
[16:14] You: Proxy 4 ;-)
[16:14] Edith Halderman: 23:00GMT
[16:14] You: Yep Lor
[16:14] Edith Halderman: or where are you?
[16:14] You: That and proxy 4
[16:14] Beth Kohnke: We had kids inout HS go around fileters all the time... so now each has a log in and very little is blocked
[16:14] You: there is literally no way to stop them
[16:14] You: great idea Beth
[16:14] You: I love it!
[16:15] Beth Kohnke: we see where everyone is at any time
[16:15] You: What does your AUP look like?
[16:15] Beth Kohnke: It is a book
[16:15] You: hahaha
[16:15] You: that is ok :-)
[16:15] Beth Kohnke: actually only two pages... it is on the district web page
[16:15] Thr33R1ng Binder is Online
[16:15] Kristy Flanagan: Better than blocking
[16:15] Chat Range: Thr33R1ng Binder [1m]
[16:15] Edith Halderman: ours is one page
[16:15] You: Beth, this might be asking too much but would you mind sharing that with me?
[16:15] Edith Halderman: hi three ring
[16:15] Lor Fredriksson: We are just finishing a new AUP
[16:15] Beth Kohnke:
[16:15] Lor Fredriksson: it is abook too
[16:15] You: I am in the process of revising ours and it sounds like
your school is on the right track
[16:16] You: awesome! Thank you!
[16:16] Thr33R1ng Binder: Hey. Sorry about landing on your head.
[16:16] You: Hey Thr33
[16:16] Beth Kohnke: we just did it last year - we have staff one,
and HS, MS and ES version
[16:16] You: wonderful -- that is quite a progressive move that I applaud
[16:16] You: how is it working?
[16:16] Beth Kohnke: The web page is udergoing a redo--- it is to
ugly right now so pardon our appearence
[16:16] Lor Fredriksson: So today shows how twitter and SL bring us all together
[16:17] tansmom Kidd: so true
[16:17] Edith Halderman: Lor - want to be a guest?
[16:17] tansmom Kidd: 20 minutes, 8 ppl
[16:17] Kristy Flanagan: powerful stuff
[16:17] Beth Kohnke: We have only had two issues in two years.. one for a kid changing grades - suspened 10 days
[16:17] Lor Fredriksson: twits I'm guessing brought some of you to the roof
[16:17] Edith Halderman: skypechat me - mrsdurff
[16:17] Lor Fredriksson: shoud we sing?
[16:17] You: ya' know what is even better?
[16:17] Lor Fredriksson: on Wow?
[16:17] Beth Kohnke: andone when a kid was IM - ina appropriate stuff - threats and all
[16:17] You: The conversation is focused on education not SL
[16:17] tansmom Kidd: you and that song idea lor!
[16:17] Lor Fredriksson: not sure I'm an expert on webquest
[16:17] Thr33R1ng Binder: It's amazing how Twitter and SL are
bringing educators together, isn't it. Never before in the history of
the world have educators been so connected.
[16:17] tansmom Kidd: you crach me up!
[16:17] Lor Fredriksson: have used them
[16:17] You: I'm learning so much and gaining a lot of resources
[16:18] You: I love it!
[16:18] Thr33R1ng Binder: Wow is Tuesday or Wednesday?
[16:18] Lor Fredriksson: but if you want me to for another topic I
would consider it
[16:18] Thr33R1ng Binder: Help me now, Lor.
[16:18] You: Dead on DD
[16:18] Edith Halderman: ok
[16:18] Lor Fredriksson: Tues jight is Wow
[16:18] Edith Halderman: sorry
[16:18] You: Just Twitter that we are here and what we are discussing and BAM
[16:18] Beth Kohnke: This is what we want to do at ligthhouse
learning --- focused discssion on educational topcis of all kinds
[16:18] Edith Halderman: someone skyped ,mee
[16:18] You: a professional learning community :-)
[16:18] Thr33R1ng Binder: Exactly, Ex.
[16:18] Lor Fredriksson: Ok i
[16:19] Lor Fredriksson: ve lost the convo
[16:19] Thr33R1ng Binder: Ex. Nice shirt, btw.
[16:19] Edith Halderman: are you sleeping threeringg?
[16:19] You: Miche -- I'd be happy to help with anything in your
class if needed -- never hesistate to ask :-)
[16:19] tansmom Kidd: yeah doesn't he look buff?
[16:19] Lor Fredriksson: so I twitted I needed help
[16:19] Miche Nishi: whats on the shirt...i can't see..
[16:19] Thr33R1ng Binder: Not much. I've been hitting the books
pretty hard. Too much writing.
[16:19] You: Thx, DD
[16:19] Lor Fredriksson: and I got a lot
[16:19] Miche Nishi: I would love your help...
[16:19] Lor Fredriksson: and we've covered a wide range of topics already
[16:19] Miche Nishi: maybe we could use some time on Thursday...
[16:20] Miche Nishi: we still have time for the conference....
[16:20] Thr33R1ng Binder: Ex, how about an EduBloggerWorld "social" here at your place...
[16:20] You: I'm all about it Thr33
[16:20] Lor Fredriksson: So many parties
[16:20] You: I'll change the big billboard to announce it here
whenever you are set
[16:20] Thr33R1ng Binder: When could we do it? And at what time?
[16:20] Lor Fredriksson: but then the dancing starts and we don't
have conversations
[16:21] Edith Halderman: i want sound
[16:21] Thr33R1ng Binder: Would we need to have it at different times for all of the time zones?
[16:21] tansmom Kidd: lol, dancing first, then conversation:)
[16:21] Thr33R1ng Binder: What do you think, Edith? Are you in Vienna now?
[16:21] Edith Halderman: it will be easier i think
[16:21] You: I agree
[16:21] Lor Fredriksson: last night we all left the party and came
here to kick back and chat
[16:21] You: You might consider two times
[16:21] Thr33R1ng Binder: Is it a pain chatting in the middle of the night?
[16:21] Edith Halderman: Edith in Vienna? Oh i wish
[16:22] Edith Halderman: my aunt lives on the bodensee
[16:22] Thr33R1ng Binder: Not now? Didn't we "meet" when you were there (in Elluminate for Horizon)?
[16:22] Lor Fredriksson: Some are using the new voice client
[16:22] tansmom Kidd: so edith, what exactly do you want this
webquest expert to talk about?
[16:22] Edith Halderman: yes, but barbara isfrom vienna
[16:22] Edith Halderman: i/m in MD
[16:22] Thr33R1ng Binder: Sorry. Must have gotten my Ediths crossed.
[16:22] Lor Fredriksson: Didn't wow just have bernie dodge?
[16:22] Thr33R1ng Binder: :)
[16:22] You: would anyone be opposed to me putting our chat
transcript on TBC wiki -- it is password protected
[16:23] Kristy Flanagan: Yes, they did
[16:23] tansmom Kidd: yeah thats what I was thinking
[16:23] Edith Halderman: i have no idea who most people are
[16:23] Thr33R1ng Binder: Nope.
[16:23] Lor Fredriksson: np fo rme
[16:23] You: I'll filter some of the filler out :-)
[16:23] Beth Kohnke: feel free to post ex
[16:23] Miche Nishi: no go ahead...
[16:23] Miche Nishi: maybe more people would add to my question
[16:23] Thr33R1ng Binder: How many people can your pad hold here? Weren't there numbers problems at SLBPE?
[16:23] Edith Halderman: i just realised i knew someone here that i
on't know in RL
[16:23] You: I think it is nice to have the record for later and for
others to draw for future use that weren't able to attend
[16:23] Miche Nishi: I thought about postig the q on twitter...but
not many people would probably answer
[16:23] Lor Fredriksson: we should have an area on the blog where
people can put some topics they would feel comfortable presenting or talking about
[16:24] Lor Fredriksson: ICE did that
[16:24] Kristy Flanagan: Good idea, Lor
[16:24] tansmom Kidd: that would be good
[16:24] Lor Fredriksson: a presenter database of sorts
[16:24] You: I'm not sure DD
[16:24] You: let me email the landowner
[16:24] Thr33R1ng Binder: And is there a place we could have stadium seating - to show an agenda of sorts?
[16:24] Thr33R1ng Binder: Just thinking aloud, here...
[16:24] Beth Kohnke: we can always branch out to my place - next door if we need more space
[16:24] Miche Nishi: divide up by topic
[16:24] You: yep
[16:24] Thr33R1ng Binder: Sounds good.
[16:25] tansmom Kidd: that would be great!
[16:25] You: there is a central location right next door
[16:25] Lor Fredriksson: The DEn could let you use some space if we aren't using it I'm sure
[16:25] Beth Kohnke: feel free to use my place any time
[16:25] Thr33R1ng Binder: What are topics you would like to discuss (as a bloger community?)
[16:25] Kristy Flanagan: Beth, are you doing some of the building there?
[16:25] Thr33R1ng Binder: The silence is deafening... :)
[16:25] tansmom Kidd: I want more examples of how to use it with
elementary studnets
[16:26] Beth Kohnke: at light house you mean
[16:26] Kristy Flanagan: yes
[16:26] Thr33R1ng Binder: I'd personally like to discuss the ins and
outs of starting my own horizon project...
[16:26] Beth Kohnke: I have a house here on Edusland II just in front of Ex's place, and i am managing a building so to speak in lighthouse island
[16:26] Edith Halderman: cool
[16:27] Edith Halderman: i'm in
[16:27] Beth Kohnke: kathy built the building - i decorate
[16:27] Thr33R1ng Binder: In other words, if I want to do what
Horizon did, how do I get started?
[16:27] Lor Fredriksson: I want to plan a new collaborative project
with everyone
[16:27] Beth Kohnke: shewanted all the buildings to be the same
[16:27] Lor Fredriksson: not sure on what topic yet
[16:27] Edith Halderman: on a wiki
[16:27] You: I would have Vicki mentor you to be honest
[16:27] Thr33R1ng Binder: Yeah, vicki's good.
[16:27] You: Pull from her experience and expand to fit your vision
[16:27] Edith Halderman: let meskype you what i started
[16:27] Miche Nishi: alright hubby home...time to make dinner...
[16:27] Lor Fredriksson: by miche
[16:28] Lor Fredriksson: good luck with your class
[16:28] You: She is very giving and would welcome the chance
[16:28] Thr33R1ng Binder: We need to set up a network to fascilitate the process. Make it easy for newbies to collaborate if they want. Streamline the process.
[16:28] Miche Nishi: my skype name is michrussell...
[16:28] Beth Kohnke: by mich
[16:28] Miche Nishi: i would love to be in on some conversations...
[16:28] Lor Fredriksson: my skype name is loriabr
[16:28] Thr33R1ng Binder: Bye, Mich. Nice to "meet" you.
[16:28] Long Range: Lyra Hammerer [91m]
[16:28] You: I'll tell you what DD; my school would be on board.
Grant it, it is another US school though but we'd be very open
[16:28] Lor Fredriksson: most of us have entered our info on the bloggercafe
[16:28] Lor Fredriksson: wiki
[16:28] You: See ya soon Miche
[16:28] Miche Nishi is Offline
[16:28] Thr33R1ng Binder: Even collaborating across the country is great.
[16:29] Edith Halderman: why don't i have you?
[16:29] Thr33R1ng Binder: I know your at grad school, but do you work in k12?
[16:29] Edith Halderman: in skype
[16:29] Lor Fredriksson: jojash from new zealand is willing to collaborate too
[16:29] Thr33R1ng Binder: Ex?
[16:29] You: I'm an administrator at Glenbrook North High School in Illinois
[16:29] Thr33R1ng Binder: Ohhhh. Makin' the big bucks. :)
[16:29] You: Instructional Technology Coordinator
[16:29] You: hahahha
[16:29] You: that is what they tell me ;-)
[16:30] Edith Halderman: threering - skype name?
[16:30] Thr33R1ng Binder: One of the "privileged". :)
[16:30] Beth Kohnke: brb kid calling
[16:30] You: well, it allows me to integrate these projects with
little resistance :-)
[16:30] Thr33R1ng Binder: I was one of the techies at my school, too - and was far more privileged than I am now. :)
[16:30] Thr33R1ng Binder: Yeah, that is a great position to be in.
[16:30] You: Not to mention, I have an amazing principal and two
associate principals that embracing leading edge
[16:31] Chat Range: tansmom Kidd [5m]
[16:31] Thr33R1ng Binder: You're lucky. There's not many
administrative teams that are that open minded.
[16:31] You: if you are reading Cult of the Amateur or thinking
about, make sure you all stop by tomorrow evening
[16:31] Edith Halderman: Three ring - i skyped the wiki to you
[16:31] You: It should be a small gathering but interesting given the charge of the book
[16:32] Thr33R1ng Binder: Sounds great. I don't have it yet, but plan too. I'll try to make it if I can.
[16:32] Thr33R1ng Binder: Thanks Edith.
[16:32] Edith Halderman: if you want to edit i'll have to invite with
email after SL
[16:32] Thr33R1ng Binder: Turning on skype now.
[16:32] Edith Halderman: i would love to do something like that
[16:32] Beth Kohnke: This may seem odd .. but most of our
adminsitrators no little of the web 20 tools their teahers are using
[16:33] Lor Fredriksson: I've tried to educate my admins
[16:33] Edith Halderman: i think it woould tax my computer too much to send you an invite now...
[16:33] You: I think that is key Lor
[16:33] Beth Kohnke: we do not present it as technology but finding solutions to learning needs
[16:33] Lor Fredriksson: they are taking baby steps
[16:33] Leesa Biedermann: Beth, we have the same situation
[16:33] Thr33R1ng Binder: I'm not at a school right now, but I'm sure I could find a teacher or two that would like to do a horizon type project.
[16:33] You: They need to be using the tools themselves
[16:33] Edith Halderman: senc t o anyone else you want
[16:33] Leesa Biedermann: i was called in by the asst supt to explain things to her
[16:33] Edith Halderman: anmd?
[16:33] You: What a great opportunity Leesa
[16:33] Thr33R1ng Binder: Edith, my skpye is darrendrapernotthecity
[16:33] Edith Halderman: ojh dear
[16:33] Kristy Flanagan: What did you say, Leesa?
[16:33] You: my skype is ryanbretag :-) sorry, feeling left out hahahaha
[16:33] Leesa Biedermann: it was...she offered money for needs...i
said send me to conferences like NECC
[16:34] Lor Fredriksson: I keep inviting my admins to ICE conference
[16:34] Beth Kohnke: we try... they look at us oddly... I do have
department heads using wikis for meeting extentions and to share
[16:34] You: that is excellent Leesa
[16:34] Edith Halderman: that's what i have
[16:34] Thr33R1ng Binder: Ok, great.
[16:35] Leesa Biedermann: bye
[16:35] Thr33R1ng Binder: You're all killing me. :)
[16:35] Lor Fredriksson: by EX
[16:35] You: Wonderful conversation!
[16:35] Beth Kohnke: By Ex
[16:35] tansmom Kidd: by ex
[16:35] Kristy Flanagan: Bye Ex
[16:35] Thr33R1ng Binder: See you Ex.
[16:35] Edith Halderman: bye paine
[16:35] You: so much gained in such little time -- what a powerful landscape!
[16:35] Edith Halderman: three ring?
[16:35] Lor Fredriksson: it's energizing
[16:35] Edith Halderman: get it?
[16:36] Kristy Flanagan: Is there an ISTE show and tell tonight?