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Thursday night Chat Log

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[20:03] Chat Range: Roland Kellner [4m]
[20:03] Kristy Flanagan is Online
[20:03] Roland Kellner: Ours are project based.
[20:03] Azuralon Slade: then they are not doing it right
[20:03] Roland Kellner: Not so much read and respond.
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[20:04] Close Range: Etdoc Sungsoo [27m]
[20:04] Edith Halderman: jen!
[20:04] Edith Halderman: jen do join us
[20:04] Chat Range: Etdoc Sungsoo [14m]
[20:04] Edith Halderman: the granx entrance
[20:04] You: sorry I am late
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[20:05] You: on the phone with Kathy Shields
[20:05] You: finishing up
[20:05] Edith Halderman: the technospud has arrived
[20:05] You: LOL
[20:05] Edith Halderman: kathy still there?
[20:05] You: on the phone
[20:05] Leesa Biedermann: Hi Jen...I've been getting e-mails from you
[20:05] You: in Georgia
[20:05] Edith Halderman: saqy hi
[20:05] Leesa Biedermann: nice to finally "meet" you
[20:05] You: I shall
[20:05] Kristy Flanagan: Is she spamming you?
[20:05] You: and you too Leesa
[20:05] You: LOL
[20:05] Edith Halderman: children
[20:05] You: she is getting ready to blog and wants to share what she is saying
[20:06] You: whos the frog??? LOL
[20:06] You: everyone looks comfy
[20:06] tansmom Kidd: its just me
[20:06] You: is this a new setup??
[20:06] Edith Halderman: notice the overwhelming female prescense
[20:06] Kristy Flanagan: That's Tansmom. She's putting her tadpoles to bed.
[20:06] tansmom Kidd: feeling froggy today
[20:06] You: ahhhhh
[20:06] tansmom Kidd: I am back
[20:06] Lor Fredriksson: Ex put this up here a few days ago
[20:06] Close Range: Etdoc Sungsoo [23m]
[20:06] You: excellent
[20:06] Chat Range: Etdoc Sungsoo [19m]
[20:07] Kristy Flanagan: This is nice.
[20:07] You: Hi EtDoc
[20:07] Edith Halderman: i like it
[20:07] You: is everyone uphere??
[20:07] Etdoc Sungsoo: howdy
[20:07] You: or are people all around
[20:07] Etdoc Sungsoo: you all look so comfy
[20:07] Edith Halderman: i don't know
[20:07] Kristy Flanagan: I think we're all here
[20:07] Lor Fredriksson: I think we're all up here
[20:07] Kristy Flanagan: Winston is coming soon.
[20:07] Lor Fredriksson: no one was downstairs before
[20:07] Edith Halderman: we thought you were organizing
[20:07] Lor Fredriksson: orshows up on my radar
[20:07] You: LOL
[20:07] You: we are just casually talking
[20:07] Lor Fredriksson: he's got to be so tired
[20:07] You: you didn't expect a meeting did you??
[20:07] You: an agneda???
[20:07] Edith Halderman: hi etdoc
[20:07] You: powerpoints
[20:08] You: LOL
[20:08] Etdoc Sungsoo: hi
[20:08] Kristy Flanagan: Yes, please begin.
[20:08] You: LOL
[20:08] Harpua Bates: bullet points, lots of bullet points
[20:08] You: Point 1
[20:08] You: I shall read the powerpoint
[20:08] You: :)
[20:08] Etdoc Sungsoo: with flying graphics
[20:08] You: twirling letters
[20:08] Etdoc Sungsoo: read it word for word
[20:08] Kristy Flanagan: LOL
[20:08] tansmom Kidd: and sounds like crashing windows
[20:08] You: now no one interrrupt -- I shall talk for 43 minutes
[20:08] Lor Fredriksson: D jakes would love it !!!
[20:08] You: LOLOL
[20:09] Harpua Bates: David hero. Spread the word.
[20:09] Edith Halderman: 43 straight?
[20:09] You: I shall tell you all about my life and what I have done :)
[20:09] tansmom Kidd: am I hogging the couch or what!
[20:09] Etdoc Sungsoo: and how great you are
[20:09] Etdoc Sungsoo: in your own opinoin
[20:09] Etdoc Sungsoo: opinion
[20:09] Lor Fredriksson: lol
[20:09] You: LOL
[20:09] Edith Halderman: i think the frog is
[20:09] Kristy Flanagan: Ha ha
[20:09] Close Range: Jojash McMillan [22m]
[20:09] tansmom Kidd: then give us a handout of all your slides on paper
[20:09] You: LOL
[20:10] Etdoc Sungsoo: double sided in color
[20:10] Etdoc Sungsoo: please
[20:10] Edith Halderman: so let's pick a topic-a theme
[20:10] You: Okay
[20:10] You: pick a topic
[20:10] Edith Halderman: privacy?
[20:10] Chat Range: Jojash McMillan [19m]
[20:10] Edith Halderman: integration?
[20:10] Edith Halderman: standards?
[20:10] tansmom Kidd: differentiation
[20:10] Etdoc Sungsoo: knowledge literacy
[20:10] Edith Halderman: good one
[20:11] Edith Halderman: another
[20:11] Close Range: Jojash McMillan [21m]
[20:11] tansmom Kidd: beauty of frog prince
[20:11] Chat Range: Jojash McMillan [18m]
[20:11] tansmom Kidd: lol
[20:11] Etdoc Sungsoo: ah
[20:11] You: okay
[20:11] You: I am spinning the subject wheel
[20:11] You: lets see where it lands
[20:11] Edith Halderman: so how do we use differentation and tech tools to the best advantage?
[20:11] tansmom Kidd: do do do do do do do
[20:11] You: and the opic tonight
[20:12] Edith Halderman: yes sing please
[20:12] You: topic
[20:12] tansmom Kidd: (that was the jeapody theme
[20:12] You: INTEGRATION ----
[20:12] Edith Halderman: drum roll
[20:12] Long Range: Jurin Juran [81m]
[20:12] Edith Halderman: clap clap
[20:12] You: would you like me to spin again??
[20:12] You: or are we content??
[20:12] Edith Halderman: jen did it again
[20:12] Edith Halderman: yeah
[20:12] Kristy Flanagan: We're content.
[20:12] You: okay
[20:12] You: Integration Ideas??
[20:12] You: Share what you are doing or hope to do
[20:12] Kristy Flanagan: I speak for everone.
[20:12] Close Range: Bentley Noel [38m]
[20:12] Jojash McMillan: Hello
[20:12] You: So Kristy -- go first
[20:12] You: LOLOL
[20:12] Leesa Biedermann: Thank you Kristy
[20:12] Edith Halderman: how do you integrate tech and science
[20:12] Jojash McMillan: Can anyone see me?
[20:13] Kristy Flanagan: No thanks.
[20:13] tansmom Kidd: as it should be math girl
[20:13] Clarice Lightworker: I am planning to constantly MODEL
[20:13] Edith Halderman: no where are you
[20:13] Clarice Lightworker: in everything I do on campus
[20:13] Chat Range: Bentley Noel [18m]
[20:13] Close Range: Bentley Noel [21m]
[20:13] Jojash McMillan: I can see your names but not your avatars
[20:13] You: Clarice gets a hand
[20:13] Chat Range: Bentley Noel [17m]
[20:13] Jojash McMillan: I'm at the bar
[20:13] Etdoc Sungsoo: come to the roof
[20:13] Edith Halderman: ok
[20:13] You: modeling is important
[20:13] You: raise your hand if you plan to model
[20:13] tansmom Kidd: come out side on the deck JO
[20:13] Lor Fredriksson: Joshash we're on the roof
[20:13] Edith Halderman: that is too hard
[20:13] Etdoc Sungsoo: make sure we let them know that we're modeling and what we're modeling
[20:14] You: LOL
[20:14] You: yes
[20:14] Etdoc Sungsoo: most won't pick it up unless we tell them
[20:14] Clarice Lightworker: etdoc -- I agree
[20:14] You: Yes again
[20:14] Clarice Lightworker: we must be explicit in our modelling
[20:14] Close Range: Bentley Noel [25m]
[20:14] Close Range: Jojash McMillan [22m]
[20:14] You: that is what I told our History teachers
[20:14] Etdoc Sungsoo: that's the word i was looking for
[20:14] Chat Range: Jojash McMillan [18m]
[20:14] You: they MUST cite their sources
[20:14] You: they MUST
[20:14] Etdoc Sungsoo: explicit
[20:14] Chat Range: Bentley Noel [16m]
[20:14] You: if they expect their students to
[20:14] Clarice Lightworker: this is WHAT I am doing, this is WHY, and then...
[20:14] Etdoc Sungsoo: exactly
[20:14] Clarice Lightworker: this is HOW I am doing it
[20:14] You: Clarice -- what grade levels??
[20:14] Jojash McMillan: Hello all, thought I was going crazy, didn't know there was a roof :)
[20:14] Clarice Lightworker: high school
[20:14] Edith Halderman: how do we train the faculty
[20:15] You: okay
[20:15] You: so how are you doing it??
[20:15] Etdoc Sungsoo: are they trainable?
[20:15] You: isn't this fun
[20:15] Leesa Biedermann: train to model or integrate?
[20:15] Clarice Lightworker: AND --- adult (the faculty and admin)
[20:15] Edith Halderman: integrate
[20:15] Etdoc Sungsoo: hello jojash
[20:15] You: Hi JoJash
[20:15] Leesa Biedermann: slowly and over time
[20:15] Kristy Flanagan: Hi Jojash.
[20:15] You: so clarice -- what is your position??
[20:15] Edith Halderman: we have t o start with the faculty
[20:15] Leesa Biedermann: get admin to back us
[20:15] Lor Fredriksson: need admin support to have it part of their evaluation
[20:15] Edith Halderman: and if they won't
[20:15] Leesa Biedermann: get students interested enough to tell next year's teachers
[20:15] Clarice Lightworker: definitely need admin support
[20:15] Etdoc Sungsoo: take something they don't like to do in their teaching and show a way to make it more palatable with effective tech use
[20:16] Lor Fredriksson: guilt
[20:16] You: Admin support 100% or just 1 or 2 at first??
[20:16] Edith Halderman: what then?
[20:16] Harpua Bates: Pardon while I'm a complete SL noob.
[20:16] Lor Fredriksson: that they aren't giving the students what they need
[20:16] You: Hi Bentley
[20:16] Etdoc Sungsoo: say they don't like the end of the semester papers
[20:16] You: No worries Harpua
[20:16] Etdoc Sungsoo: have them assign a digital story
[20:16] Edith Halderman: hi jojash
[20:16] Jojash McMillan: Hi Bentley
[20:16] Bentley Noel: hello
[20:16] Bentley Noel: i could hear but not see
[20:16] Leesa Biedermann: show great end products to colleagues
[20:16] You: lets stop for just a moment
[20:16] You: if we could
[20:16] You: and if you don't mind
[20:17] Leesa Biedermann: say "I had so much fun with this
[20:17] You: is it okay
[20:17] You: if we went around the room
[20:17] You: okay
[20:17] You: the ROOF
[20:17] You: and shared who we are
[20:17] Edith Halderman: and?
[20:17] You: where we work
[20:17] You: what grade level
[20:17] Jojash McMillan: I'm gonna try and sit down, please pardon my awkwardness :)
[20:17] You: just those 3 things
[20:17] You: don't elaborate
[20:17] Edith Halderman: where do we start?
[20:17] You: why don't we start with you Edith
[20:17] Edith Halderman: jojash - right click
[20:18] You: LOL -- Okay
[20:18] You: I will start
[20:18] Jojash McMillan: Oh dea, Im a bit relaxed
[20:18] Edith Halderman: I'm mrsdurff - the seuss hat
[20:18] You: there we go
[20:18] You: go ahead Durff
[20:18] Edith Halderman: and?
[20:18] You: where you are??
[20:18] Chat Range: 50 Winx [18m]
[20:18] You: and what grade level
[20:18] Edith Halderman: what else oh
[20:18] Close Range: 50 Winx [22m]
[20:18] Edith Halderman: in MD
[20:18] Edith Halderman: USA
[20:19] You: Leesa -- you go next??
[20:19] Leesa Biedermann: Lisa Parisi
[20:19] Leesa Biedermann: Grade 5
[20:19] Long Range: Lenni Hyun [92m]
[20:19] Etdoc Sungsoo: Bentley, right click on the seat
[20:19] Leesa Biedermann: teacher not student :)
[20:19] You: Harpua???
[20:19] Leesa Biedermann: on Long Island
[20:19] You: thanks Leesa
[20:19] Chat Range: Thr33R1ng Binder [16m]
[20:19] Harpua Bates: John Pederson, Technology Professional Devleopment, Platteville, WI USA
[20:19] You: NO WAY -- LOL
[20:19] You: hi John
[20:19] Edith Halderman: Darren is here?
[20:19] Long Range: 50 Winx [70m]
[20:19] Etdoc Sungsoo: hello John
[20:19] Harpua Bates: and twitter :)
[20:19] You: How about EtDoc
[20:19] Jojash McMillan: John, loved your last post on twitter :)
[20:20] Thr33R1ng Binder: Hello, Durff.
[20:20] Close Range: 50 Winx [31m]
[20:20] You: Etdoc -- how aobut you??
[20:20] Etdoc Sungsoo: Cheri Toledo, Illinois State, undergrad preservice teachers
[20:20] Etdoc Sungsoo: grad masters and doc teacher in service
[20:20] Thr33R1ng Binder: Upstairs?
[20:20] You: LilyoftheSeaStarr??
[20:20] LillyoftheSea Starr: ALice Barr Maine USA, High School Tech Integrator
[20:20] You: thanks EtDoc
[20:20] tansmom Kidd: outside on the deck
[20:20] Etdoc Sungsoo: hi alice
[20:20] LillyoftheSea Starr: Hi cheri
[20:20] You: Lor??
[20:20] Close Range: North Lamar [37m]
[20:21] Chat Range: North Lamar [18m]
[20:21] Lor Fredriksson: you misse d Bently
[20:21] You: nope -- bentely next
[20:21] Etdoc Sungsoo: i'm never going to remember rl and sl names
[20:21] You: no worries
[20:21] Lor Fredriksson: OK
[20:21] Close Range: North Lamar [25m]
[20:21] Lor Fredriksson: Im' lori Abrahams
[20:21] Chat Range: 50 Winx [19m]
[20:21] Bentley Noel: im busy reading histiory at the moment to catch up
[20:21] Lor Fredriksson: ILlinois tech integration at a 5-6 school
[20:21] Chat Range: North Lamar [9m]
[20:21] Edith Halderman: i can't remember either
[20:21] Lor Fredriksson: also ICE and DEN
[20:21] You: Excellent
[20:21] You: how about Kristy???
[20:21] Edith Halderman: hi north
[20:21] You: we will come back to Bentley
[20:21] Kristy Flanagan: I'm Colleen King from Boston, Director of a K-12 Math Center, teach grades 6-12
[20:21] Edith Halderman: join us
[20:22] You: Clarice???
[20:22] North Lamar: howdy yall
[20:22] You: Hi North
[20:22] Clarice Lightworker: Stephanie Sandifer, Houston TX, Instructional Coach at high school level
[20:22] Edith Halderman: hi three ring
[20:22] Thr33R1ng Binder: Mind if I drop in?
[20:22] Thr33R1ng Binder: :)
[20:22] You: Bentley
[20:22] Edith Halderman: sit ya on down
[20:22] You: not at all
[20:22] North Lamar: I'm a doctoral student at Ut austin
[20:22] Edith Halderman: sit down three ring
[20:22] You: excellent Noth -- thanks
[20:22] Bentley Noel: I wuz an elem k-5 media spec but am moving up to middle school
[20:22] Bentley Noel: Cathy Neklson
[20:22] Bentley Noel: Rock Hill, SC
[20:22] Etdoc Sungsoo: in what area north
[20:22] You: welcome Bentley
[20:22] You: anyone we miss??
[20:22] tansmom Kidd: amy vejraska, branson MO 3rd grade 1:2 ratio tech classroom
[20:23] Jojash McMillan: Jane Nicholls, ICT Facilitator and teacher in Dunedin New Zealand
[20:23] Edith Halderman: three ring
[20:23] North Lamar: information science
[20:23] tansmom Kidd: the frog
[20:23] You: LOL --
[20:23] Etdoc Sungsoo: hi jane
[20:23] Edith Halderman: yeah, the frog
[20:23] You: wow -- what a group
[20:23] Thr33R1ng Binder: Slightly bandwithd retarded right now. Sorry.
[20:23] You: no worries
[20:23] You: Jennifer Wagner -- Technospud -- SoCal
[20:23] Edith Halderman: are you leaving?
[20:23] You: Help Desk
[20:23] North Lamar: i've been an instrutional designer at UT austin for the last seven yers
[20:23] You: excellent
[20:23] You: OKAY
[20:23] Jojash McMillan: HI Jen, just finished the post on the blog :)
[20:23] You: now we know each other :)
[20:23] Thr33R1ng Binder: Who's the frog? I've never sat with a frog before. :)
[20:23] You: thanks JoJash
[20:24] You: so ----
[20:24] You: LOL
[20:24] Edith Halderman: me neither
[20:24] You: for newbies
[20:24] You: chat can be chaotic
[20:24] You: so if you click on HISTORY
[20:24] Bentley Noel: Jane you an I recently blogged each other about Ewan McIntosh!
[20:24] You: you can read more chat than just 5 lines
[20:24] Edith Halderman: our brains are like jungels
[20:24] Close Range: 50 Winx [24m]
[20:24] Edith Halderman: so chaos is good
[20:24] Lor Fredriksson: another suggestion
[20:24] You: and I am now going to step back
[20:24] Lor Fredriksson: I have
[20:24] You: and let you guys just chat and chat and chat
[20:24] You: feel free to jump in
[20:24] Etdoc Sungsoo: and write the person's name in whom you are addressing
[20:24] Lor Fredriksson: is to help remember who everyone is
[20:24] You: and share when you wish
[20:24] You: Yes please
[20:24] Lor Fredriksson: you can make notes on their profile
[20:25] Long Range: DrDoug Heron [95m]
[20:25] You: and offer friendships if you wish
[20:25] Jojash McMillan: Ah!
[20:25] Edith Halderman: we were talking about integration
[20:25] Jojash McMillan: good idea
[20:25] You: or just sit back and enjoy
[20:25] tansmom Kidd: I didn't know you could do that lor
[20:25] tansmom Kidd: thanks
[20:25] You: feel free to pull up a chair
[20:25] You: we have NO agenda
[20:25] You: just good conversation
[20:25] You: if you wish
[20:25] tansmom Kidd: sorry I am trying to figure out how to sit up and not hog the couch
[20:25] You: there is another area downstairs
[20:25] You: and on the first level too
[20:25] Edith Halderman: how should we best train faculty to integrate tech into their classrooms?
[20:26] Jojash McMillan: Mmm, hard question
[20:26] Jojash McMillan: Show them the value in it
[20:26] Clarice Lightworker: gently, but firmly :)
[20:26] Harpua Bates is Online
[20:26] Edith Halderman: but we need to do it
[20:26] Clarice Lightworker: yes -- show them the value
[20:26] Lor Fredriksson: give them the time to take workshops
[20:26] You have offered friendship to Clarice Lightworker
[20:26] Edith Halderman: specifically
[20:26] Thr33R1ng Binder: Edith, do you train teachers or mostly students?
[20:26] Jojash McMillan: ONe on one works best
[20:26] Edith Halderman: both
[20:26] North Lamar: i pefer to show them base dont he epistomological beliefs
[20:26] Jojash McMillan: A workshop with follow up
[20:26] North Lamar: linking their research methodology to their teching methodoloy
[20:26] You: ????? to ALL
[20:26] Clarice Lightworker: get early-adopters to open their classrooms (or websites, wikis, blogs, etc.) for observation
[20:27] Edith Halderman: i teach, am librarian, and train faculty
[20:27] LillyoftheSea Starr: While it's great to show faculty the value of tech it is actually asking them to change their paractice!
[20:27] You: how many of you make decisions on technology integration??
[20:27] Lor Fredriksson: I do
[20:27] LillyoftheSea Starr: I do
[20:27] Clarice Lightworker: I do
[20:27] Jojash McMillan: I do
[20:27] Etdoc Sungsoo: establish a mentoring pool
[20:27] Lor Fredriksson: yes mentors
[20:27] Close Range: DrDoug Heron [39m]
[20:27] Jojash McMillan: Opening classrooms is the best thing
[20:27] Edith Halderman: i have the most success 1:1
[20:27] tansmom Kidd: our school has mentors
[20:27] Chat Range: DrDoug Heron [11m]
[20:27] Jojash McMillan: Teachers often don't know when they are doing something good
[20:27] Edith Halderman: that's a fab idea
[20:27] Jojash McMillan: as they are so isolated
[20:27] Thr33R1ng Binder: The wonder woman with the cat in the hat hat.
[20:27] Lor Fredriksson: team an early adopter with a reluctant usere
[20:27] Clarice Lightworker: etdoc -- good idea... like a tech-focused critical friends group
[20:27] tansmom Kidd: one of which is our librarian
[20:27] Edith Halderman: Darren!
[20:27] LillyoftheSea Starr: Being in an environment where it's OK to take a rick
[20:27] Edith Halderman: shhh
[20:27] LillyoftheSea Starr: risk
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[20:28] You: OKAY _- JUST A SECOND
[20:28] Chat Range: Existential Paine [6m]
[20:28] Flight Band: All Go
[20:28] Existential Paine is Online
[20:28] You: does everyone KNOW how to capture chat??
[20:28] You: just in case???
[20:28] Bentley Noel: no
[20:28] Jojash McMillan: No
[20:28] Close Range: DrDoug Heron [29m]
[20:28] You: open HISTORY -
[20:28] You: do a CONTROL A or Select ALL
[20:28] You: and you can copy this entire conversation --
[20:28] Clarice Lightworker: a technology CFG would be a safe and reflective learning environment for newbies
[20:28] You: I will try to grab it for our web page too
[20:28] You: okay -- SORRY
[20:28] You: continue
[20:28] North Lamar: CFG?
[20:28] Lor Fredriksson: Look the host arrived
[20:28] Clarice Lightworker: critical friends group
[20:28] Existential Paine: Hi All
[20:29] Bentley Noel: that will help immensley w/ names
[20:29] North Lamar: tx
[20:29] You: Hi Ryan
[20:29] You: welcome
[20:29] Edith Halderman: hi exi, sit down
[20:29] Kristy Flanagan: Hey Ryan!
[20:29] Chat Range: DrDoug Heron [15m]
[20:29] Edith Halderman: tell us your wisdom
[20:29] tansmom Kidd: our librarian offers to co-teach with ppl to ease them into the tech int.
[20:29] Jojash McMillan: I'd move over but I don't know how :)
[20:29] tansmom Kidd: hey ry
[20:29] You: Ryan -- do you need to introduce yourself??
[20:29] Edith Halderman: tansom - i like that
[20:29] Lor Fredriksson: My job is to co teach and help plan projects
[20:29] Existential Paine: Sure
[20:29] Edith Halderman: cool
[20:29] Edith Halderman: ok
[20:29] Thr33R1ng Binder: Ladies and gentlemen, our host: Paine!
[20:29] Existential Paine: hahaha
[20:29] Close Range: DrDoug Heron [25m]
[20:30] Edith Halderman: Exi intro yuourself
[20:30] Long Range: DrDoug Heron [51m]
[20:30] Existential Paine: My name is Ryan Bretag in RL
[20:30] Edith Halderman: silence
[20:30] Edith Halderman: deafening silence
[20:30] Edith Halderman: ah!
[20:30] Thr33R1ng Binder: Payneful silence.
[20:30] Existential Paine: and I'm an Instructional Technology Coordinator at a high school in Illinois
[20:30] Clarice Lightworker: lol
[20:30] Lor Fredriksson: go ILllinos
[20:30] Existential Paine: Beyond that, I'm just me :-)
[20:30] tansmom Kidd: she is great, and easy to work with
[20:30] Etdoc Sungsoo: and a walden guy
[20:30] Long Range: Metaphor Voom [89m]
[20:30] Existential Paine: Thank you all for coming
[20:30] Etdoc Sungsoo: hi ryan - cheri toledo here
[20:31] Bentley Noel: where in IL
[20:31] You: Ryan -- we went around and Introduced ourselves
[20:31] Thr33R1ng Binder: I like what you've done with the place. You've been working hard.
[20:31] Edith Halderman: cheri toledo?
[20:31] You have offered friendship to Thr33R1ng Binder
[20:31] Existential Paine: This place is all about us and Mac and I are really excited to offer a really informal place to continue the conversation
[20:31] Edith Halderman: Dr. Toledo?
[20:31] Edith Halderman: hi!
[20:31] Etdoc Sungsoo: yes, durff
[20:31] Etdoc Sungsoo: you rejected my friendship
[20:31] Existential Paine: When I say Us, I mean of you :-)
[20:31] Etdoc Sungsoo: :-)
[20:31] Existential Paine: Sorry ET
[20:31] Edith Halderman: i'm friending you
[20:31] Existential Paine: I didn't mean, too
[20:31] Existential Paine: try again :-)
[20:31] You: LOL ---
[20:31] Etdoc Sungsoo: lol
[20:31] Miche Nishi is Online
[20:31] You: memories HUH EtDoc
[20:32] Etdoc Sungsoo: ah, yes ... always with the rejection
[20:32] Close Range: Miche Nishi [24m]
[20:32] Leesa Biedermann is Online
[20:32] Close Range: Tye Lemmon [37m]
[20:32] Jojash McMillan: So, here's a question, do you think you blog less because of time spent in SL?
[20:32] Chat Range: Tye Lemmon [18m]
[20:32] Existential Paine: wow, lounging
[20:32] You: I blog MORE
[20:32] Chat Range: Miche Nishi [17m]
[20:32] You: Hello Miche
[20:32] Bentley Noel: i think i do too
[20:32] Thr33R1ng Binder: Too bad there's not a select all add friends (from a group you're hanging out with).
[20:32] Lor Fredriksson: SL has inspired me to blog
[20:32] Close Range: Tye Lemmon [21m]
[20:32] Clarice Lightworker: lol... no... feel like I'm blogging less because of TWITTER!!!!
[20:32] Edith Halderman: blog more than what?
[20:32] Etdoc Sungsoo: well, everyone, this is great, i wish i could stay longer
[20:32] You: Night CHERI
[20:32] You: We will post the chat
[20:33] Etdoc Sungsoo: thanks for a good evening
[20:33] Chat Range: Tye Lemmon [20m]
[20:33] Lor Fredriksson: night cheri
[20:33] Jojash McMillan: Night
[20:33] Etdoc Sungsoo: super
[20:33] You: I will try to post the chat
[20:33] Edith Halderman: night ma'am
[20:33] Kristy Flanagan: Good night!
[20:33] tansmom Kidd: I find great blogs b/c of SL:
[20:33] Existential Paine: Good night Dr. Toledo!
[20:33] Bentley Noel: g'nite
[20:33] Lor Fredriksson: see you maybe at the next IL-TCE meeting inRL
[20:33] Etdoc Sungsoo: night ladies and gentlemen
[20:33] Edith Halderman: how jen?
[20:33] Existential Paine: I'm looking forward to working with you :-)
[20:33] Etdoc Sungsoo: someone can have my seat
[20:33] Edith Halderman: is there a history?
[20:33] You: copy paste
[20:33] You: yes
[20:33] Etdoc Sungsoo: now that sounds like rl
[20:33] Edith Halderman: cool
[20:33] Etdoc Sungsoo is Offline
[20:33] Close Range: Lavender737 DeCuir [26m]
[20:33] Edith Halderman: i learn something everytime i', with you
[20:33] You: hmmmm
[20:33] Miche Nishi: who was that in rl
[20:34] Existential Paine: so what I miss :-)
[20:34] You: Cheri Toledo
[20:34] You: of Walden University
[20:34] Miche Nishi: she is iltce?
[20:34] You: yes
[20:34] Leesa Biedermann: Thank you all for making my first chat time fun! and thanks for the blog suggestions. Tomorrow I read. Time for bed now.
[20:34] You: well she is in Illinois
[20:34] Existential Paine: My mentor :-)
[20:34] Lor Fredriksson: yes she's on the committee
[20:34] Miche Nishi: hmm
[20:34] You: Goo dnight Leesa
[20:34] Edith Halderman: we solved the problens orf the world
[20:34] Thr33R1ng Binder: Talking about how to get teachers to use tech...
[20:34] Leesa Biedermann is Offline
[20:34] You: getting admin on board
[20:34] Long Range: Metaphor Voom [78m]
[20:34] Tye Lemmon: hi everyone
[20:34] You: Hi Tye
[20:34] Miche Nishi: sorry i am late...seems like i missed alot...
[20:34] Clarice Lightworker: Hi Tye
[20:34] Existential Paine: Dr. Toledo is my Chair at Walden :-)
[20:34] Miche Nishi: my hubby was using the comp
[20:34] Existential Paine: I love it
[20:35] You: Nope -- just casual chat
[20:35] Edith Halderman: i think demos are pwerrful
[20:35] Lor Fredriksson: highlighting and modeling atfaculty meetings
[20:35] Tye Lemmon: am I crashing the mtg?
[20:35] You: Not at all
[20:35] You: join in the conversation
[20:35] Tye Lemmon: cool
[20:35] Edith Halderman: hi tye
[20:35] Existential Paine: Hi Tye
[20:35] Tye Lemmon: hi edith
[20:35] Tye Lemmon: hi exist
[20:35] Long Range: Sneblen Dagger [89m]
[20:35] You: would you like to share who you are TYE??
[20:35] Chat Range: Lenni Hyun [17m]
[20:35] Existential Paine: Welcome tothe Bloggers Cafe
[20:35] North Lamar: for us at UT, we demonstrated the Deveolpment $$ possibilites with alumni as out Hook for Sl, The Development office went crazy when we put on a show
[20:35] Tye Lemmon: first life I am Jason hando from Sydney, Australia
[20:35] You: LOLOL
[20:35] Edith Halderman: i try to demo one new thing each week to admin
[20:36] You: I was just on the PHONE with you Jason
[20:36] Jojash McMillan: Yay, another person from down under!
[20:36] Thr33R1ng Binder: Welcome Jason.
[20:36] You: MacsMOM -- Jennifer Wagner
[20:36] Edith Halderman: jason?
[20:36] Tye Lemmon: yep
[20:36] Close Range: Lenni Hyun [21m]
[20:36] Tye Lemmon: who am I talking with
[20:36] Bentley Noel: Hey Jason--its Cathy Nelson in RL
[20:36] Jojash McMillan: Jason I'm originally from Perth
[20:36] Long Range: Lavender737 DeCuir [41m]
[20:36] tansmom Kidd is Offline
[20:36] Tye Lemmon: oh, hi Cathy
[20:36] Long Range: Sneblen Dagger [89m]
[20:36] You have offered friendship to North Lamar
[20:36] Tye Lemmon: Perth - nice part of world
[20:37] You have offered friendship to Tye Lemmon
[20:37] Jojash McMillan: But now I'm the same distance away from you in New Zealand
[20:37] Thr33R1ng Binder: Thr33R1ng -- Darren Draper
[20:37] Bentley Noel: How will I ever remember the rl names?? Guess I'll have ot print chat and study
[20:37] Tye Lemmon: Hi daren
[20:37] Thr33R1ng Binder: I'm ready for a tour of NZ and Australia.
[20:37] Edith Halderman: Jaon i friended you
[20:37] North Lamar: ue the notes ection ont he profile to remeber names
[20:37] You: everyone smile
[20:37] Long Range: Lenni Hyun [41m]
[20:37] You: I am taking a picture
[20:37] Tye Lemmon: I think I hit accept to all
[20:37] Existential Paine: If someone wouldn't mind, I'd love a copy of the transcripts from tonight's gathering
[20:37] Jojash McMillan: Daren I liked your post on the 'global conversation' :)
[20:37] Tye Lemmon: cant remember how to sit LOL
[20:37] Bentley Noel: i haven't quie grasped the concept of a smile in sl yet
[20:38] Harpua Bates: we need a wiki-ish directory to match RL and SL names
[20:38] Thr33R1ng Binder: Thanks. Much needed, but which one?
[20:38] Edith Halderman: so which form of tech do we demo first to admin - which is most crucial?
[20:38] You: Can I ask a ???? really quick???
[20:38] Jojash McMillan: The one in response to Graham Wegner
[20:38] You: Please
[20:38] Miche Nishi: how do you smile/
[20:38] You: Ryan and I need to know what times you would like to do this??
[20:38] You: once a week
[20:38] You: twice a week
[20:38] Bentley Noel: blogs easiest but Wiki might be most effective
[20:38] You: time zones??
[20:38] Clarice Lightworker: once a week would work best for me
[20:38] Close Range: Lenni Hyun [38m]
[20:38] Kristy Flanagan: Every night!
[20:38] Thr33R1ng Binder: Thanks. That one got me started. :) I hope EduBloggerWorld does what we hope it can.
[20:38] Existential Paine: I'll add to that
[20:38] Edith Halderman: you think?
[20:38] You: could you email
[20:38] You: and let us k now
[20:38] Existential Paine: formal and informal events
[20:39] Chat Range: Lenni Hyun [18m]
[20:39] You:
[20:39] North Lamar: wikis frighten many people, they are afraid to "break" them
[20:39] Existential Paine: things you'd like to see us offer
[20:39] Bentley Noel: im on east coast
[20:39] Bentley Noel: its late
[20:39] Clarice Lightworker: I am in the Central time zone (US)
[20:39] You: just let us k now
[20:39] Edith Halderman: 11:32 Bentley
[20:39] You:
[20:39] Close Range: Lenni Hyun [25m]
[20:39] You: and we will post times
[20:39] Tye Lemmon: its 11:39am here
[20:39] You: INTERNATIONAL times
[20:39] Chat Range: Lenni Hyun [20m]
[20:39] You: sorry --- back to conversation
[20:39] Edith Halderman: GMT
[20:39] Close Range: Lenni Hyun [23m]
[20:39] Existential Paine: Feel free to use The Cafe at any time -- no formal invites needed. This is open 24/7 as a place for informal learning just as much as formal :-)
[20:40] Jojash McMillan: If you post the day and time would be good, because I have to make it the day before and then work out the time :)
[20:40] Edith Halderman: i think hearing podcasts
[20:40] Jojash McMillan: Not just the time
[20:40] You: but we will have scheduled chats too
[20:40] Edith Halderman: that catches attention
[20:40] Bentley Noel: whic pc would you recommend durff
[20:40] You: ask SL progresses with sound -- we will too
[20:40] Existential Paine: for sure
[20:40] Tye Lemmon: durff here?
[20:40] Edith Halderman: esp with those primary voices
[20:40] Edith Halderman: Tye i'm rightr here
[20:40] Clarice Lightworker: this has been fun... but I have an early appt. in the am... must get to bed...
[20:40] Tye Lemmon: ahh edith
[20:40] Edith Halderman: bye clarice
[20:41] Tye Lemmon: there needs to be a way to change to real name
[20:41] You: Clarice -- good night
[20:41] Edith Halderman: and tye - who are you
[20:41] Clarice Lightworker: if someone can post remainder of chat, I would greatly appreciate it (
[20:41] Tye Lemmon: I am Jason Hando
[20:41] Clarice Lightworker: thanks!
[20:41] Jojash McMillan: That would be good, if you could change your name
[20:41] Edith Halderman: i'm lost
[20:41] You: LOL
[20:41] Tye Lemmon: yeah, not intrstd in fake names
[20:41] Edith Halderman: too many names
[20:41] Tye Lemmon: LOL
[20:41] Clarice Lightworker: Good night to you all!
[20:41] Bentley Noel: in sl who ist
[20:41] Edith Halderman: brain overload
[20:41] Kristy Flanagan: Jason, I listened to you on WOW the other night.
[20:41] Jojash McMillan: Mrs Durff, you were in our No Time for Online conference in NZ
[20:41] North Lamar: you can change shwo your real name by creating a group and then making the group label your name
[20:41] Jojash McMillan: I remember reading your posts
[20:41] Tye Lemmon: cool, hope I came across well on wow
[20:41] Jojash McMillan: Ah, how do you create a group
[20:42] You: NOW -- everyone is a member of TBC on the web too???
[20:42] Bentley Noel: what is tbc?
[20:42] Edith Halderman: what?
[20:42] Tye Lemmon: nup, TBC = ?
[20:42] Edith Halderman: what's that jen?
[20:42] Close Range: Lavender737 DeCuir [38m]
[20:42] Bentley Noel: is that a group
[20:42] Tye Lemmon: is that Jen W?
[20:42] Jojash McMillan: The Blogger's Cafe
[20:42] Thr33R1ng Binder: Trust me, Macs. It's hard to keep up!
[20:42] Bentley Noel: ohhh yes
[20:42] Tye Lemmon: oh, TBC, right
[20:42] North Lamar: see, i just put my real name
[20:42] Edith Halderman: oh...
[20:42] Jojash McMillan: Can you t ell me how Joe?
[20:43] North Lamar: yes crate a group
[20:43] Bentley Noel: what are some other popular groups in sl for educators?
[20:43] North Lamar: create
[20:43] North Lamar: and then under the roles
[20:43] Edith Halderman: boracay
[20:43] Edith Halderman: DEN
[20:43] Existential Paine: Just so you know, there will be a Bloggers Cafe Wiki
[20:43] Edith Halderman: English Village
[20:43] Bentley Noel: m in den
[20:43] North Lamar: got to owner- and replace "owner" with your name
[20:43] tansmom Kidd is Online
[20:43] Chat Range: tansmom Kidd [3m]
[20:43] Existential Paine: where we will post transcripts of informal and formal gatherings
[20:43] Lor Fredriksson: DEN is a great group to join
[20:43] Edith Halderman: that frog'
[20:43] Clarice Lightworker is Offline
[20:43] Bentley Noel: and iste
[20:43] Thr33R1ng Binder: Great, Exist.
[20:44] tansmom Kidd: sorry
[20:44] Existential Paine: however, we'll password protect it for members just because of your privacy rights
[20:44] Thr33R1ng Binder: I think I saw the beginnings of it if I'm remembering right.
[20:44] tansmom Kidd: crashed
[20:44] Thr33R1ng Binder: It would be nice to have tips for newbies on the wiki.
[20:44] Edith Halderman: the wiki crashed?
[20:44] Edith Halderman: it would
[20:44] Bentley Noel: i agree
[20:44] Edith Halderman: lkike how do you smile
[20:44] Jojash McMillan: It costs $100 to create a group!
[20:44] Bentley Noel: yes how
[20:44] Edith Halderman: how do you friend
[20:44] Existential Paine: If you have a gathering at the Cafe, please forward the transcripts to us and we'll get them posted :-)
[20:44] Existential Paine:
[20:44] North Lamar: 75 cents
[20:45] Existential Paine: 100 Lindens
[20:45] You: it will have CHAT logs
[20:45] Existential Paine: unless they up the price :-)
[20:45] Jojash McMillan: It just told me $100, I must be doing it wrong
[20:45] Bentley Noel: i look like such a sour puss w/o a smile : (
[20:45] Thr33R1ng Binder: Good idea about the chat logs.
[20:45] You: I will send invites via email
[20:45] Jojash McMillan: Oh,
[20:45] You: already posted so far
[20:45] Edith Halderman: i will need a job if this keeps up
[20:45] Bentley Noel: where at macsmaom
[20:45] Lor Fredriksson: Just a FYI everyone
[20:46] You:
[20:46] Edith Halderman: yes
[20:46] Lor Fredriksson: If I add you to twitter it will say fsinfo
[20:46] tansmom Kidd is Offline
[20:46] Thr33R1ng Binder: Just requested membership to the wiki.
[20:46] You: you will need to be a member of The Bloggers Cafe
[20:46] You: we will need your email!!!
[20:46] Lor Fredriksson: as my nickname there
[20:46] You: great
[20:46] Bentley Noel: what afantastic idea and group!
[20:46] Edith Halderman: do we have tojoin it now?
[20:46] You: ohno
[20:46] You: not at all
[20:46] You: I will send out requests by this weekend
[20:46] You: to join
[20:47] You: if you have joined
[20:47] You:
[20:47] You: I will add you right away
[20:47] Edith Halderman: i really don't know if i did
[20:47] Thr33R1ng Binder: Some of us are a little compulsive that way. If I don't do it now, I will forget. Guarenteed.
[20:47] You: no worries
[20:47] Existential Paine: If you don't have Twitter, it is another great way to stay connected
[20:47] Bentley Noel: that is the one thing I hvave figured out about SL
[20:47] tansmom Kidd is Online
[20:47] Bentley Noel: the groups are key
[20:47] Tek Zeno is Online
[20:47] Edith Halderman: i only know i have to pass this video course
[20:47] Thr33R1ng Binder: I'm still needing the twitter client for SL.
[20:47] Existential Paine: Right on Bentley
[20:47] Tye Lemmon: yeah twitter is cool
[20:47] Existential Paine: It was the first thing I posted when I started blogging for Technology and Learning
[20:48] Tye Lemmon: i used it to get my teacher training improved with Sheryl and Jen etc
[20:48] Edith Halderman: you can twitter fom SL
[20:48] Bentley Noel: its cool if yo have something cool to say/tweet
[20:48] Bentley Noel: mostly i just lurk
[20:48] Edith Halderman: but mine didn't work
[20:48] Tye Lemmon: really, how do you twitter in SL?
[20:48] Existential Paine: Did you get my link to picking up the TwitterBox DD
[20:48] You: LOL Darren and Alice
[20:48] You: you ar approved
[20:48] Edith Halderman: there is a download thing
[20:48] Knowclue Kidd is Offline
[20:48] Existential Paine: there it goes :-)
[20:48] Thr33R1ng Binder: Yes. I went there but couldn't find the box.
[20:48] Lor Fredriksson: did you see the twitter
[20:48] Tek Zeno is Offline
[20:48] Existential Paine: Let me see if I can transfer one to you
[20:48] Existential Paine: brb
[20:49] Edith Halderman: bye
[20:49] Miche Nishi: i dont text message with my phone...can i still twitter?
[20:49] Lor Fredriksson: I found the guys hut and got the twitterbox
[20:49] Lor Fredriksson: for SL
[20:49] Kristy Flanagan: Yes, Miche
[20:49] Tye Lemmon: twitteriffic is what I use on Mac for twitter
[20:49] Existential Paine: see if that works DD
[20:49] Lor Fredriksson: I twitter from SL and use twitterrific
[20:49] You: Ryan -- did you twitter yet
[20:49] Existential Paine: if it does, I'll transfer it to anyone else that wants it
[20:49] You: show what happens
[20:50] LillyoftheSea Starr: I would like it
[20:50] Edith Halderman: demo oh great one
[20:50] You: LOLOL
[20:50] You: I thought it was birds??
[20:50] You: it is music notes
[20:50] Edith Halderman: someone is tired
[20:50] Lor Fredriksson: it's music notes that tweet
[20:50] Existential Paine: I hear ya'
[20:50] You: okay everyone
[20:50] You: this was great
[20:50] Thr33R1ng Binder: Thanks, Ryan. I attached it. How do I tweet again? Which command?
[20:50] Jojash McMillan: Hi Harpua
[20:50] Existential Paine: type / 282 with no space
[20:50] You: I am going to grab the chat now
[20:50] Tye Lemmon: nice to meet you all
[20:50] Lor Fredriksson: poor kristy we keep her up late so many nights
[20:50] You: keep up the conversation if you wish
[20:51] Harpua Bates: /cheers
[20:51] Miche Nishi: do i want my twitter name to be my real name?
[20:51] Thr33R1ng Binder: Take care Tye.
[20:51] Tye Lemmon: heading off to do some blogging ;-)